Goal for the Week #44

Update: I think I went pretty well with the interview, they said they’d call me on Friday or Monday. They didn’t call on Friday so I guess I find out on Monday!

This Week: I need to book something I mentioned previously – I was vague there too. It needs to be done and this week it will start.


Odd Collections

So I’ve been watching American Pickers on TV every now and again and it always amazes me what things people collect. Then I reflected on my own collection habits and realised I probably have a weird collection of my own. There are two things I LOVE to collect.

1. Mementos, this one isn’t too strange I guess a lot of people do this. I have kept things like my Year 12 Formal RSVP note, concert tickets, signed objects from (semi) famous people, flyers from events I’ve attended, napkins from pop-culture pop-up stalls, the list really just goes on and on. To the point where I could do a separate post on these things, which if you’d like to see let me know because I think I’d really enjoy going through it all.

2. Tags, yep this may be the odd collection in my repertoire. You know when you buy a new shirt or some new pants, any clothing really. Usually you have a plain store specific tag with the bar-code and price on it BUT THEN you have an artistic and well designed brand tag that you probably look at for a second and throw away (my heart breaks at the thought of all those lost tags). Well I collect those! I actually have to hold myself back from buying items purely because the tags are AMAZING! Lately I’ve started wondering if I could just ask the people behind the counter for any extra tags. It’s pretty bad. Okay not that bad, I just love the look of them and would actually really love to create some one day. Now the problem with collections is that they get stored away and you rarely see them, well that was the case until last year when I decided to make an artwork out of them (really a montage of tags) to be my piece of wall art for my room. Maybe I’ll make a future post on this too! It’s something I’d love to sell actually, maybe smaller replicas but then again no one would be like another they’d all have unique tags and I could even get international tags! Oh the excitement is too much to handle.

Let me know in the comments if you have an odd collection or know someone who does and what that collection is, I’m really curious to see what’s out there!

– ME

“Well keep the price tag and take the cash back”
– Jessie J

Smooth Chocolate Festival 2017

At the weekend a friend and I went to the Smooth Chocolate Festival being held in The Rocks, Sydney. This is the second year we’ve attended this free entry event which is sprawled along Sydney’s Harbour and historic back streets.

As you can probably guess there’s a lot of chocolate on sale, stalls line the alleys and grassy areas with a range of cakes, pastries, ice creams, doughnuts and of course some savoury foods to counter all that sweetness. I started this year off with a Zumbo delight, mainly because last year I remember wanting to try the Golden Gaytime dessert he had on offer but they had sold out by the end of the day – so I decided to get in early. Not the wisest choice. The dessert was a DJ Chocaramel it consisted of – Chocolate sucre shell, soft sea salt caramel, chocolate cake, chocolate ganache and caramel-milk chocolate whipped ganache. 20170812_112658

You can probably tell why it wasn’t the wisest choice but I’ll tell you anyway, it was a really rich dessert. Don’t get me wrong it tasted AMAZING! and that’s what you expect from a Zumbo dessert and that’s why you don’t mind paying the $10 price tag. If it was a little smaller I think it would be perfect, but then the price would have to drop and I think they did a clever thing by setting all their prices at $10 on their cakes because there’s less fuss in handing over one note, than having to bring out coins and calculate change and make things fiddly when you want to get in and get out. On the other hand I had major food envy when my friend got a Chocolate Fondant cake which looked and tasted just as good but was a smaller portion with a little more balance as it was served with a passion-fruit cream.

This may come as a shock but that was the only sweet dish I ate at the festival that day because I had that feeling of overly-sweet for the rest of the day. I did continue on with some savoury dishes though (Arancini balls were definitely a highlight) and a nice lemonade. Actually, I wanted to try a Strawberry & Watermelon Soft Serve that one stall was selling and after lining up for 5-7minutes and getting to the front of the line with my exact change in hand the girl at the counter looked at me like I was an alien and said “sorry we only do card”. Ahhh WHAT!? 1. that’s ridiculous but 2. why don’t you have a sign that says ‘card only’ that way I and other people don’t have to line up for no reason!

That was the only small annoyance on the day but the rest of it was great. I’ll definitely be back next year and have learnt my lesson not to start with the rich desserts, but to work my way up to them.

– ME

“Sweet like chocolate, you bring me so much joy”
– Shanks & Bigfoot

Goal for the Week #43

Sorry for the late post, I’ve had a pretty crazy day but here it is nonetheless.

Update: I remained positive and got the call on Wednesday afternoon that they put me through to the final stage of interviews!

This Week: Tuesday is my interview date so I’m focused on doing well there! And then having fun the rest of the week because I think I deserve it

– ME

Does Money Buy Happiness?

You ask this question to a group of people and I assure you the answer will be split 50/50. Some would not hesitate to say ‘yes’, others (myself included) would say ‘no’. Even though I’ve never been showered in money with the opportunity to buy anything or everything, I still don’t think money buys happiness. I think people and social interactions bring happiness.

Let’s look at it from the ‘I have all the money in the world perspective’. I’d say the average person would use that money to firstly buy the necessities in life, maybe buy a house or pay of the mortgage, buy a house for their parents, and a new car. Those would be top of the list for many. Then once you have the necessities you move to the ‘wants’. These would be things like; holidays, boats, TVs, and a lot of things that revolve around technology, hey maybe even an in-house chef or butler, maybe you even have a charity you’d love to support and make a generous donation. Once you have the needs and wants, what comes next? The unnecessary, “well I have the money so I might as well” purchases, that’s what. Another house in a different location that you might visit once a year, a display rocket?, a personal bowling alley in your garage?, there’s A LOT of crazy things that could fit under this list.
These things are all fine! Especially if you’ve worked hard for them, I’m not judging or saying if you have the money you shouldn’t buy outlandish or luxury items. It’s your money you do as you wish. What I’m saying is that once you hit the unnecessary items, the joy and happiness you felt of getting everything you wanted just hovers. Remember when you were a kid and you wanted a specific toy or gadget and you begged your parents for it, and on the off chance they bought it for you, you thanked them so much and promised to play or use it everyday, but then a week later you wanted another toy? That’s my rationale to why money can’t buy happiness, we are never fully satisfied. Soon we’ll start wanting things that aren’t even invented so where will money get you then? Will you pay someone to invent what it is you’ve imagined? But that will take time, and time is money.

Of course the other side to this (we’ll assume) is ‘I have the right amount of money to survive and get by with a little bit of money for luxuries on the odd occasion’. This to me is the ideal formula for happiness. You know what you have and how much you can spend, therefore you are never overly disappointed because you know your limits. In saying that I think the most important component of being happy isn’t associated with money, rather it’s human interaction. Having family and friends around you is what will bring you happiness in the end, okay it’ll also bring anger, annoyance, sadness but overall people are the main source of happiness. Loneliness  is the worst kind of unhappy. Not having someone to turn to for comfort, advice or just to laugh with is the biggest torture of life and I would not wish it on anyone.

So what’s the take away from this post? Don’t make money your focus. I know it’s hard in today’s society when prices are rising, the cost of living is insane here in Sydney, Australia but you need to surround yourself with people, and the right people. Having friends and family support will help you get through money woes. Don’t live to work, work to live.

– ME

“Money, money, money”








When Your Friend Finds A New Friend

The age old problem of growing up is losing old friends and gaining new ones, but does it really have to be like that?

It’s happened to all of us, I’m sure. In fact it’s happened to me quite a few times and it’s happening again. I would say the primary feeling is jealousy with a hint of annoyance. But I’m trying to treat this time differently.

In the past when I’ve felt friends getting closer to other people and noticed a drop in our communication and just the fact of not hanging out together regularly, I’ve just let them go. A lot of the time I’ve not even tried to keep them close because I usually feel like they’re moving forward in life and I’m stuck in the same spot.

This time, even though I still feel as though I’m in the same spot (at least this time I feel like I’m shuffling along), I’m trying hard not to feel those jealous and annoyance emotions. Well I still feel them but I try to change my attitude towards it. For example, the main time frame when this happened to me recently was when I was distancing myself from friends to discover myself and think ‘what do I want?’. So I changed that emotion of jealousy to thankful – I took time to myself and my friend was able to fill my gap with somebody else.

I mean it’s not always easy but it happens. The most important thing is maintaining contact if you want them in your life. And 9 times out of 10 they gain that new friend to fill certain things you don’t like or can’t do. So if that’s the case in your situation then maybe you can keep that point in view in mind. Maybe their friendship offers something different to yours it’s not comparable, they’re both unique experiences and your friend wants the best of both worlds.

Have you experienced this before? I’d love to hear your stories and if you’ve personally brought it up with the friend in question.

– ME

“Who’s gonna walk you through the dark side of the morning?”
– Selena Gomez

Goal for the Week #42

Update: So I went to that group interview I mentioned last week and got to see the offices of the company and really liked it. Like I really felt comfortable there. I think I did pretty well but there were a few really strong candidates there so I am really unsure whether I’ll get to the next stage. Also, we had to describe ourselves using some words they gave us at one stage and one of those words was ‘conscientious’ and I literally described as if it was ‘considerate’ I DON’T KNOW WHY!? I just couldn’t shake it, I kept seeing the word as ‘considerate’ and I only realised towards the end of the night. I felt so stupid. Oh well!

This Week: Stay positive about future prospects, whether I get to the next stage or not.

– ME

Pokémon Go

It’s been just over a year since Pokémon Go was released, are you still playing? I am. A lot of people were excited about the game for the first few months I’d say, which is actually quite long in my opinion. In today’s society we’re so quick to pick up the next toy or work out the next fad. I think Pokémon Go has been a real success not just short term but long term for players like myself.

I bring up this topic today because we’re in the midst of Legendary Raids. Basically, you’re battling the legendary bird in a gym. The catch is that (1) at the moment the birds are only hanging around for a week and (2) depending on which bird it is you are battling you’ll need about 7 people to defeat it. This has made the game fulfill its initial purpose of a communal game. The first year of the game you could get away with not talking to anyone else playing the game (especially after two months in) there was no need to talk and coordinate because you were simply – catching Pokémon and battling gyms. Now gyms have been reworked and a new element of -raids- has been added. This has forced players to play together, the main aim of the app from the start.

Even though I have been playing since the game was released it has only been in the last month and a half that I’ve actually put the faces to names, met and talked to the people in my area that I always see in gyms. I’ve made friends with 3 people in my area, so much so that we have our own group chat and message each other our about our epic finds, or if there’s raid going on to see who’s free to meet up. Along the way we’ve met some other people too, they’re less intense about the game but we’ve seen them a few times. I’ve heard from two different people that this game has helped them get out and walking, leading them to lose an incredible amount of weight. I think this is the key take away of the game, Niantic has managed to put together an app that is nostalgic, communal, sociable and good for your health. Regardless of whether or not your still playing the game it’s still helping others.

Do you still play? How many Pokémon do you have left to catch?

– ME

“I wanna be the very best like no one ever was”
– Pokémon

Birthday Present Reveal Idea!

So today is my friends birthday, some would say best friend but that feels so primary school, doesn’t it? Well regardless she’s hit a quarter of a century and I thought I’d make a post about what and how I gave her, her gift. So this is kind of like a birthday gift idea post.

Firstly I’ll tell you that I got her and myself tickets to a concert to see a young pop artist we had previously tried to win tickets for. I bought them in April and somehow was able to keep it secret until last week. Which was pretty hard to do for me because usually I get so excited about it that I tell her REALLY early. One time she even came with me to buy her own gift which I then took home and wrapped.
Last week I told her I had a gift for her but it wasn’t a physical item it was more an experience, she immediately thought concert or event with a YouTuber (because that’s what we’re into). She then kept asking me questions about what we’d be doing, to which I said “I’m not answering any more questions”, but still she persisted to ask. So I decided to turn it into a little game. One week out from her birthday I started sending her clues. These were the clues I sent her, see if you can figure out who we’ll be seeing.

Day 1: ANZ, Commonwealth, St. George, Westpac (For those non-Australians, these are all banks and might be a bit harder of a clue to get but I’ll explain it all at the end)

Day 2: A picture of different social media logos, including – YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Pintrest, Tumblr and a few others.

Day 3: A light-bulb emoji + a world emoji

Day 4: _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _

Day 5: Canadian

Day 6: The first letter of their name is ‘S’

Day 7: On the last day she asked me for her final clue, asking if it could be a good one. I replied with… “Well technically there’s nothing holding me back from skipping the clue and just telling you what it is”.
She then replied with a bunch of GIFs which I told her “LMAO I’m actually in stitches!” She then said “WAIT! before you tell me did I get any guesses right?”, to which I replied with, “you’re going to be begging me for mercy because I’m not actually going to tell you”. At this point she just wanted at least another clue so I finished it off by saying “maybe I should treat you better….or maybe I’ve already given you MASSIVE clues”.

Then it clicked! So did you work out who we’ll be seeing in December?



It’s Shawn Mendes!

I’ll give you a quick run down on the clues in case you’re playing along and want some explained.

  • The first clue was in reference to where the concert is being held – Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney, hence all the bank names.
  • Second, the social media logos, well Shawn started out on Vine and a bit of YouTube I believe.
  • The light-bulb + world emoji is supposed to visually interpret his tour name ‘Illuminate World Tour’.
  • Next the _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ are the number of letters in his name
  • He’s Canadian
  • His name starts with ‘S’
  • This was the most fun one and I’m so glad it worked out with everything she was saying. I started using his popular song titles in normal conversation, an easy give away from my end but I guess if you’re the person figuring out the clues you probably have a million ideas of who or what it could be so it isn’t as obvious as it seems.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, it’s a little different and shows you a little of my personality. I really love puzzles and games and birthday presents are an easy way to get away with it. If this has given you an idea for a gift, or if you want some other ideas let me know!

– ME

“I love it when you do what you want cause you just said so”
Shawn Mendes


Goal for the Week #41

Update: I continued applying for jobs and actually got two call backs on Monday. I went in for an interview on Thursday and have another one (quite excited about this one) this Thursday.

This Week: Prep for the interview. Although it’s not exactly an interview but rather an introduction and group activity and cognitive test situation. The previous recruiting day thing I mentioned in ‘goal for the week #40’ gave me good experience for all of this so I’m thinking I’ll do well. You know what, it’s all about who can fake it and/or make it the best. I will bring confidence, friendliness and questions to the table. Wish me luck!

– ME