Goal for the Week #50

Update: I had a great week, did a little bit of everything like I said I wanted to 😀

This Week: Well the time has come for me to start my full time job, I’m feeling a little nervous but excited to make some new friends. I’ve just received a schedule for the first two weeks which is super helpful for me because I like to know what’s happening with as much notice as possible. I hope to have a smooth week and make some friends and feel comfortable in this new environment!

– ME


Songs of September 2017

So this is when I usually talk about my favourite songs of the month and what/why I love them, but this month I’m just gonna tell you my favourite lyrics from said songs. Enjoy!

Niall Horan – Too Much To Ask; “my shadow’s dancing without you for the first time”

Harry Styles – Two Ghosts; “We’re just two ghosts swimming in a glass half empty”

Sam Smith – Too Good At Goodbyes; “I’m never gonna get too close to you, even when i mean the most to you, in case you go and leave me in the dirt”

Kodaline – The One; “And I still remember feeling nervous trying to find the words”

Camila Cabello – Havana; “Havana, oh na na, half of my heart is in Havana, oh na na

Dean Lewis – Lose My Mind; “But you don’t know what it’s like to fall in love with you”

Nick Jonas – Find You; “I see your face even when my eyes are shut”

Rudimental ft. James Arthur – Sun Comes Up; “I danced through the blisters at night and I laughed till I cried and cried”

Macklemore ft. Skylar Grey – Glorious; “I made it through the darkest part of the night and now I see the sunrise”

– ME

“Cause I’ve got something to tell you”
– Haim


Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year

The other week my friend invited me to the Australian Museum to see a photography competition. This friend is my arty friend, we both did Art in high school and so we tend to hang out in these sorts of events…and concerts!

The competition itself is titled ‘Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year’. There were a few different categories within that. They included a category of ‘natural state’ or ‘highlight an endangered species’ or ‘landscape’ or ‘monochrome shots’, there were about 10-15 photos in each category with the winner and runner up identified.

These are two of my favourites of the day. This little guy is so cute, the photographer wrote about how he couldn’t not take a photo of this such a happy little gecko, practically asking to be made into a masterpiece. It almost seems cartoon or CGI’d because it just doesn’t seem natural.


The second picture of a cute little Wombat was the first one I saw and featured on the advertisements for the competition. I didn’t know Wombats could live in such cold climates so it was almost a contrast for me.


On another note going through this exhibition/competition made me realise how much I want to get back into photography. I did a little in school, with said friend, and we both mentioned that we’d like to continue. The one thing I struggle with when taking photos is understanding lighting and technical jargon (which is basically everything). But then I realised YouTube exists and it’s a great way to learn the basics and then get some practical experience to grow into a great photographer.  So yes my next hobby could be photography, I guess we’ll see!

– ME

“Headlines and flash, flash, flash photography”
– Fall Out Boy




Goal for the Week #49

Update: You probably already know I achieved my goal from last week – I got my license!

This Week: My last week of freedom before I begin a ‘9-5’ job so let’s just say I don’t really want to do anything but I want to do everything at the same time. Take each day at a time and enjoy it!

– ME

The Importance of Setting Goals

If you’re not setting goals, you’re floating. That’s what I’ve learnt this year. If you don’t have something you’re aiming for, whether long term or short term, it’s really hard to find motivation or to be determined. I was a floater all my life until this year.

A little back story here. Every year on my good friends birthday I would write her a card, this quickly turned into a letter where I would recall a few fun memories of that year and also mention the things I admired about her. These things were always based around her determined personality. She’s the type of person who says “I want to buy a new car” and in a few months she has a new car. Or “I need a new job” and then gets one. She’s always pushing herself to her fullest potential, which isn’t always the best because it produces distractions and fatigue but she thrives in those conditions and manages to pull through because she’s strong. All these things that I’ve told her over the years, all these things that I was jealous of but also admired, I finally realised last year that I can be all those things too. The only thing I needed to start was a goal.

So I made my goal to find a job. In a few months I was given a casual position which lasted 3 weeks with one of Australia’s largest events over Easter. Then that finished so I reset the goal, same thing but a part time or full time role. I went to more interviews in the next couple of months than I had in my entire 2016. I tried things that previously scared me and gained invaluable experiences. I got offered a full time position last month, and I being in 2 weeks! In this ‘one month nothing to do period before I start my new role’ I decided to tackle driving again, make it my goal to get my license before I start in early October. I did that just this week, after one and a half weeks back on the road I passed my test. Now my goal is to use these last two weeks of freedom to their full potential, I want to read mainly but I also want to bake, walk around the park, walk around the city, eat lots of food, watch TV, watch movies, shop. Then I’ll start working and reassess my goal and make a one month plan, then a six month plan etc. I know I will be given so many opportunities at this new role and I want to take them.

Setting goals doesn’t have to be a difficult thing, start small and work your way up. If you don’t achieve your goal in the time you thought you would don’t beat yourself up, reassess and try again or take a break and come back to it. But definitely having goals top of mind will make you a more determined person.

– ME

“I feel glorious, glorious, got a chance to start again”
– Macklemore & Skylar Grey

I did it!

This will be a relatively quick post because I had an exhausting day yesterday and have rewarded myself with a lazy day.

I DID IT! I finally have progressed from my learners drivers license. I went yesterday morning at 8:45am. Like I said in my post last week I decided to do a fee lessons with a driving school so I was able to use their car and their instructor accompanied me up until the test. I started to get really nervous around 8am but I knew when I got into that car with the assessor that I would be 100% concentrated.

I made a few small errors but they were minor deductions. Overall I scored a 95% on the test and am so proud of myself.

Now I hope to actually use this new found freedom and drive places. Of course I’ll start out around home and probably accompanied. Slowly I want to be able to feel confident by myself and also driving to areas I’ve never been.

That’s my good news for the week, let me know yours in the comments OR tell me about your learners driving exam and how it went.

– ME

“I’m Ready!!”


Goal for the Week #48

Update: I’ve been determined and focused on passing this upcoming test. I am literally a few days away from being able to achieve it.

This Week: (More like Monday): My only goal this week is to pass my driving test on Monday. I know I can do it and just need to do everything right on that 30-40 minute drive, which means telling myself over and over again the right procedures. I know I can do it and I hope I am successful on Monday, because I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle another fail.

– ME

Wonder Woman: Movie Review

I know Wonder Woman was in cinemas a few months ago but I’ve only just watched it, so here’s my review of it. Let me start off by saying I rarely watch DC or Marvel movies, I’m not really into the heavy action and fighting stuff, especially when I know there’s going to be sequels, and tri-quels (not a word I know), and spin-offs, and combined super hero movies…it’s just too much. I prefer light heartened, funny and some what romantic movies BUT for some reason I was compelled to watch Wonder Woman. Overall I’d say I enjoyed it, it’s not a movie I would re-watch but I would probably go see the sequel in the future.

The entire movie is basically a flashback sparked from a photo sent by Batman. I sincerely think it holds the record for longest flashback in a movie. It’s a little slow to start just because there’s a lot of explanations on the world Diana lives in. That’s one part that confused me a little. I’ve never been into or learned much, if anything about Greek Gods, and the fact that her mother looked so much like her auntie made me do a few double takes in scenes to make sure I was following the story correctly.

I liked that it’s a sort of cross between reality, ancient history and fiction. It takes place during the war, and a lot of this elements of WWI are present. You have the Germans as the major enemy, you have a ‘Hitler’ figure, you have the creation of a deadly gas. Then you cross over to the Greek Gods portion of the story, that Diana is a product of Zeus (If I followed the story correctly) and that’s where a lot of her strength comes from. Then you have the fiction with her abilities to deflect bullets. As I said I don’t usually watch super hero type movies so I don’t know if this is a similar theme in them. I know Captain America has something to do with armies, but don’t know how if there’s historical events linked to it, as Wonder Woman has. It is an interesting concept though and probably what I liked most about it, that and Gal Gadot.

I think Gal Gadot was an amazing Wonder Woman, I’m glad that she’s somebody I don’t see as ‘established’ in the acting world. I feel these big showcase movies always find hidden gems and launch their careers into better and bigger things, something I hope is the case for Gal. She was exactly how I would imagine Diana, a secluded goddess, to act in a bizarre new world with atrocities happening. The key thing for me was the distance in her eyes everything something foreign was brought up, I think she did great and will continue to do great in the future.

I think I’d give it an 8 out of 10, I enjoyed the actors, the action, costumes, witty remarks but I got a littl lost at the end with the whole Greek God revelations.

Let me know what you thought of the movie, and if you think Gal Gadot was the right pick for Wonder Woman?

– ME

“To be human is to love, even when it gets too much”
– Sia

My Experience With Driving Schools

The key to our late teens or early adulthood to a lot of people is driving. I remember being so eager to be able to drive, I thought I’ll go here and here and there, I had so many places I could take myself. When I got to the age where I could actually go for my test I wasn’t in the same head space, I suffered with a lot of anxiety – particularly separation anxiety – and the last thing I want to do was stuff by myself. I still went for it on two occasions, booked for the exam day and failed both. A fair few years later (3 and a half to be exact) I decided it was time to try again, I’m coping A WHOLE LOT better with my anxiety and I really need to overcome this hurdle that I’ve put in the too hard basket for a while, so I decided to seek a professionals help and book some lessons with a driving school, as I mentioned in my previous post.

Since that post I have been on two lessons, the first was an hour long and was a ‘sense where I’m at’ sort of a lesson and the instructor told me to go home and book the actual exam for next week. I kind of got a little nervous at that because it was so quick. He told me he could see I had all the main things down pat and he thought I just needed to drive around the exam zone and work on observation checks.

So the next lesson was a two hour intense exam training lesson which I was happy to complete, but was also felt feeling overwhelmed. I felt like I was constantly being reminded to ‘check my blindspots’ – an instant fail item if I miss one. So when I got home I felt a little defeated. Everything else I feel okay at or pretty confident in, so I decided to make myself a list of the things I keep missing and just repeat them to myself until they become habit. A day later, I feel better about it and that I just need to put myself in a positive head space and put all my attention and focus to it and I’ll pass easily.

In regards to the question I’ve wondered for a while, is it worth going for lessons with a driving school? I would definitely say YES. As reluctant as you may be because there’s a stranger sitting next you and you have their lives in your hands, they do this everyday ALL DAY! They know what the exams entail, the routes taken and are really good at picking up what you need to focus on. As much as you can learn the basics of driving from family members if you want more information or a bit more training or even just everyday tips a driving school is definitely the way to go.

I have one more 2 hour lesson coming up on Saturday and then a little training before the actual exam bright and early on Monday morning EEK! Wish me luck, and let me know your experiences with driving schools.

– ME

“Whatever tomorrow brings, I’ll be there with open arms and open eyes”
– Incubus