Let’s Talk! Pretty Little Liars: Season 7 Episode 19

Okay I’m so confused with who is going to end up being A.D. it’s not funny. This isn’t even going to be a long post because I’m done guessing. I have two more opinions and I’ll leave it there.

A.D. was driving into the sunset in the last scene, Spencer told Mona that they called Dr. Sullivan and that she’d be on her way. Please don’t tell me a professional adult has something to do with this. Truly that would be a new low.

Secondly, Mary Drake handing herself in for the girls. (In what world would ‘suspects’ be able to watch someone confess to murder. And don’t those mirror screens work the other way? The cops watch the suspects on the line? Or does it work both ways?) Anyway, Mary ‘confessed’ and when asked about an accomplice suggested that it was an unknowing Spencer. What if Spencer wasn’t unknowing and she’s in on it?

I really don’t know and am really looking forward to having this revealed. The best thing about this episode was “to whom?” Great line between Spencer and Caleb. But the episode was just what I expected … clear the girls’ names and they’re free. Or are they?, I guess we’ll find out.

Let me know any last theories you have before everything is revealed!

– ME

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– Harry Nilsson

Supanova – Sydney

This weekend just passed there was an event called Supanova now branded as ‘Supanova comic con & gaming’ was held it Sydney, a kind of ‘comic-con’ style convention that brings fans of all types of popular culture material together once a year, so of course I went along. This was my second year attending and it’s always a fun experience even if you don’t dress up, which I didn’t.

Walking through crowds is almost like playing ‘Where’s Wally’ (I actually saw someone dressed as Wally), you turn to your friend and say “did you see that guy dressed as the Beast?”, or “did you see that girl dressed as the Log Lady?” (yes someone was dressed as the Log Lady from Twin Peaks). You’re in sensory overload trying to catch a glimpse of all the cosplay going on and it ranges from someone who put a few normal pieces of clothes together to create a character to someone who has spent weeks if not months making their outfits from materials. It’s a really great atmosphere where people are free to dress in whatever they want, and as whoever they want.

It’s also a chance to meet some old favourites and new faces – movie and tv stars fly in to hold Q&A’s, signings and photo opportunities. This years big names were; Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Dean Cain (Superman), Christopher Lloyd (‘Doc’ from Back to the Future) and Tom Wilson (‘Biff’ from BTTF). Unfortunately, Lloyd had to pull out at the last minute due to a death in the family, which I was quite sad about because he was probably the one person I wanted to see most, but life is life and I completely understand why he had to pull out. Nonetheless the event was well worth the time.

I didn’t go to any Q&As this year, the only one I was counting on going to was Christopher Lloyd’s, but I did attend one last year with (Tyler Hoechlin) from Teen Wolf. Whilst I don’t actually watch Teen Wolf or any other show he was in, it was such a great 30minutes of pure joy for the people who adored him. So in the end I ended up enjoying it even though I didn’t really know anything about the series or other roles he was in. That’s what makes this event so great, you can be a fan of one specific thing but enjoy everything. There is so much to see, to do, people are very friendly and engaging wanting to talk to you about your shared interests, and they’ve got something for all ages.


DeLorean featuring Flux Capacitor

There’s also many things to buy, a lot of merchandise stalls so if you want to take home some sort of memorabilia from your favourite show I can almost guarantee you’ll find it here. There were swords and weapons from anime, games and movies, an endless supply of those Pop Vinyl figures in what felt like every character possible, the classic stuffed plush toys, towels, banners, posters, clothes – a few stalls were even selling replica Marty McFly rainbow caps , boxes filled with a random assortment of gifts, lollies, pins, jewellery, figurines honestly everything! Then there were things that were on display but (obviously) not for sale like 4 or 5 DeLorean’s some of which were in their original state and one which had a flux capacitor installed, the Batmobile was there too, along with Bumble Bee from the Transformers movies, all open to taking photos of and with.


Pop Culture boxes filled with random gifts


Pac-Man Figurine

Basically, I’m trying to tell you it’s an amazing environment and get away from the real world especially if you’re into a mix of movies, TV, anime, and gaming. I feel like this set-up would be a standard in other countries’ respective alternative for a Supanova, like USA with Comic-Con. SO! If you hear about a convention like this happening near you and got excited about the things I’ve mentioned in this post definitely give it a go and if you’re feeling brave maybe try your hand at some cosplaying! I think that will be my goal for next year, getting together a cosplay outfit either in a group or solo.

– ME

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– Huey Lewis and the News

Goal for the Week #36

Update: I had a very relaxing week, maybe too relaxed. I don’t feel like I did anything too productive but that’s ok we all need to take a break every now and again.

This Week: I want to be decisive. I’ve been a little half hearted about decisions so I’m hoping this time next week I’ll be concrete in my thoughts.

– ME

Let’s Talk! Pretty Little Liars: Season 7 Episode 18

I keep forgetting to preface my posts with a little *spoiler* notification, I am discussing the episode so I’m sure most of you would assume I would have spoilers but this is just another prompt in case you haven’t seen the episode. Abort now!

This episode was mainly about truth and closing wounds. Each respective relationship was brought closer together and some were reconnected. So everything’s coming together. Or is it? There will definitely still be a few more twists so I’m not going to confirm A.D. is Mona yet BUT! There’s a very high chance. Let’s talk!

Let’s begin with Emily and Alison. They are very much a pair now and settling in for parenthood. I take back the possible miscarriage of the baby I thought would happen and return back to my earlier theory of them living together and raising a wonderful family. Who knows maybe they’ll do a spin off called ‘The Fosters’ (just joking, but the storyline feels like they could head in a similar way as that show does). Nothing too exciting happened for these two this episode except bracing for the worst, jail.

Next, Spencer she reconnected with Toby today, I think we all thought this would be the case, especially after Yvonne died. That other detective guy is out and the lady detective is back (I’m bad with their names). Honestly I think that lady has nothing to do with A.D. and she’s just back because she’s considered a good detective. Spencer looks like she’s on the brink of heading to jail, after evidence was found in her shower drain (more on that soon) along with Hanna for the most part of this episode but there’s still time for things to change.

Hanna and Caleb get married in this episode and I couldn’t be happier. The writers did a great job with these characters and Ashley and Tyler have such a strong and playful friendship that it’s so easy to believe. Hanna’s mum knows the truth now and she’ll help her out as much as possible, but will it be enough?
Now, here’s something interesting, in one of the scenes Hanna asks all the girls to promise no matter what happens they’ll understand the decisions made. Some cryptic statement like that, and at first I thought she was going to turn herself in so all the other girls could avoid jail, but she didn’t. So why did she say that in such a guilty-esq manner she whispered “i swear”. I think it’s because she’s part of A.D.s duo, and she wants to make sure that the girls will ‘understand’ why she’s done it. I’ll come back to this as well.

Aria finally got found out, and outed by Mona like I thought she would in my post last week (I say ‘like I thought’ but really I’ve had every thought under the sun so eventually one of them is going to be right, right?) So Aria is revealed as a traitor and found completely innocent of the crime, killing Rollins thanks to a little help from A.D. But then it seems she changes her mind at the last minute and races to be with the girls and we find out Rollins’ body is in the boot of her car and the cops are about to pull her over! Talk about plot twist. I’m sure the cops will pull her over and say something like, “oh your back lights are out, get them fixed quick smart” and that will be it. I don’t know if she’ll have enough time to get to the girls though.

Now, to the bits I was saving! Remember the first Let’s Talk! I did on a Pretty Little Liars episode, it was the first one back from the break, well I mentioned a theory I had, of who A.D. was or are! Seeing as we’re close to finishing the series I’m going to choose one theory and stick with it, that is Mona and Hanna are A.D. So my first clue was the tattoos the girls got outside of the show to commemorate their characters. These two were the only one’s whose letters were capitalised so that stuck out straight away. Then in this episode Hanna asked the girls to make a promise, like I mentioned above. Evidence was found in Spencer’s shower drain, and what evidence was that…glass from a windshield, a car windshield which Mona mentioned she was responsible for fixing and therefore had free access to broken fragments to plant later when needed. And the car in question was Lucas’s, but who was given the car to use…Hanna. Another thing, when Hanna showed Mona the board game she was full of praise and analysing it completely, she is the only one who could create something like that. She found out about the recording in Spencer’s house either because she was there too, or Hanna brought it up in conversation, so she could build up a case against Aria. Mona always happens to be in the right place at the right time – the school! At the end of the episode we see Mona looking at the board game again but this time she puts on her glasses, a nod to the old her, the geeky her which got teased and bullied. Something that Hanna also went through. I also notice that Alison and Hanna aren’t really that close I don’t feel their characters hang out that much, so maybe that’s a hint too. Two more quick things the final episode is called ‘Til DeAth Do Us PArt’ – a marriage link, who just got married, Hanna did. And in the previous episode Mona was focus of that whole dance/dream number. I’m excited to find more clues.

Tell me your theories and we can discuss them together! Only two more episodes to go.

– ME

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– Denmark + Winter

Vivid: Sydney

Vivid is a light, sound and ideas festival it has been a yearly occurrence for almost 10 years. It’s a night event which lasts for just under a month and brings amazing art to the Sydney foreshore right by the water and actually on the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. It brings crowds of large proportions and food trucks and stalls of all cuisines. It’s a free event for the most part, the paid events tend to be music based and inside an actual theater, but all the big pieces are easily accessible because they are smack bang in the middle of the city. As the festivals grows older the locations grow, so there are also places a little out of the city to enjoy, it really has become a ‘couple of days’ event if you want to get around to everything.

I attended at the end of last month and once again loved it, the crowds were large but well organised, security was heavily present because it was a day after the Manchester attacks. I spent the night walking the Harbour foreshore up the Botanical Gardens and back to the Harbour. There’s a lot of sites to see and fun light up novelties to look at. Two of my favourites this year included a swing like set-up called ‘Freedom of Movement’ and hanging light display called ‘Parallax’.


‘Freedom of Movement’

This set-up was fun to watch and well designed. It’s designed to be like a swing set, swaying back and forth gaining momentum until it circles around and around. It’s coordinated with lighting and music and whilst I had to take my eyes off it now and again because it was making me a little dizzy, it was an amazing piece.



This one seems simple and some may have walked passed it and not really cared for it. At a glance it’s a bunch of fluorescent lights that turn on and off. In hindsight it’s a wonderful transportation between worlds. The cylinders turn on and off at different times and if you stand in the middle and look up you feel like you’re about to enter a worm hole or something, it almost feels like it could fall around you and teleport you somewhere else. The different lights, different timelines, different possibilities, that’s me talking from my arty side I enjoy thinking about the story behind it. It may not be what was intended or different to what you see but that’s the whole point isn’t it. We each see what we want to see.

If you’re in or around Sydney I urge you to brave the cold and rain and venture out with a friend or with family it’s a fun night out in a wonderful city.
If you’ve already been let me know which pieces were your favourites and what they meant to you.

– ME

“Light’s will guide you home”
– Coldplay

Goal for the Week #35

Update: I’m happy to say that the family member who was having a hard time last week is in a better mind frame and has definitely made a change for the better.

This Week: Be relaxed. I want to be busy but in a relaxed state if that makes sense? I don’t want to take things too seriously just have a gentle week.

– ME

Let’s Talk! Pretty Little Liars: Season 7 Episode 17

Did anyone else think this episode was an ad for boom boxes? I’ve never seen so much use of Bluetooth in such an abrupt way. Just me? Okay. And what about that little impromptu Jailhouse Rock dance sequence by Mona. Aria’s starting to have nightmares about what she’s doing. Well let’s get to the discussion.

Aria is getting really annoying now. She’s is so obviously acting different to every one around her yet they can’t tell? Surely Spencer would  have put two and two together to figure out Aria planted the phone. I thought it would be Spencer who picks up on Aria’s dodgy dealings but now I’m thinking it’ll be Mona – she did catch her in the brew with the letter in her hand. Well Ezra picked up on something but he was wrong. He thought it had something to do with their past, when he used her and the girls to write his book…. Um that was so long ago, she would not have gotten back together with you let alone agreed to marry you if she had the slightest question about that. I found it odd that it was brought up again after so many seasons.

Spencer seems to have resolved things with Mary Drake and that might be the end of that storyline. But her other family, well that will always go on. I think the Hastings are definitely the family most affected my drama. She continues to play with fire and semi-blackmailing the Detective I don’t think it’s going to end well for her. Just keep quite and carry on Spencer don’t bring any unnecessary attention to yourself.

Emily had a break from Alison this week, apparently she’s gone to visit Jason? Odd if you ask me. If we weren’t 4 episodes out from the series finale I’d say Sasha just needed the day off so they wrote her out of the script but visiting Jason, he has a lot to do with the story still I feel. So stay tuned for Jason in the last episodes…maybe.

Hanna oh how I wish to be Hanna, well not exactly be her just to have Caleb. Caleb proposed in the most no frills way possible and it was everything. I just love these two together on screen and their friendship off screen too. Thankfully the only drama for Hanna this episode was not knowing where the shovels went. But we the audience ended up finding out.

That end though. Is Mona A.D.? My gut says no. I think all that stuff in her apartment is her helping the girls. She created an area of investigation and is dotting all the ‘i’s’ and crossing all the ‘t’s’ because she’s a part of this too.
On the other hand I wouldn’t mind if she ended up being A.D. because I think it’ll be better than being a character that appeared in 3 or 4 episodes. Which is how I think this show will end. Another reason why she might be the real A.D. is the ‘PLL’ episodes always finish with something about A.D. and that was the last scene in this episode. So maybe she is.

We’ve only got 3 more episodes to go! Let me know your theories and ideas I’d really love to hear them.

– ME

“And you don’t look back, so I won’t look back”
– Ingrid Michaelson

One Love Manchester

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet because I think 99.9% of the world would agree. Love conquers hate.

We saw that over this week and last, the horrible things that people can do disgusts me. Honestly in what world is it okay to hurt others because of a difference in belief. Tell me who would condone something like that. NO ONE! But in a world filled with so much possible anger we all come together and fight evil with love, with music. The One Love Manchester concert was the best way to show those who want us to be scared and hide away that we won’t stand for it. So let’s all stand together and fight with positivity, love and music. Music has the ability to soothe souls, I hope it triumphs over fear.

– ME

“Don’t look back in anger”
– Oasis

Goal for the Week #34

Update: I came up with a 3 week plan, I’ve listed the things I want to do in those three weeks, they will either stop once one of the weeks plans works or continue to the third week and I’ll stick with that plan for a while.

This Week: Last week I also helped a family member through a tough time, so that’s my focus this week also. To try and get them into a better mindset and be reassuring.

– ME

Let’s Talk! Pretty Little Liars: Season 7 Episode 16

Interesting episode I actually thought we would make some big revelation but of course it wasn’t what it seemed. I tend to talk about the episode through the main 5 girls and their story line for the week, which I think works pretty well so here we go again!

Emily and Alison, will they lose the baby? That’s my big question at the end of the episode. Alison did fall in the school hallway so it’s possible. So will it impact on their newly recognised relationship will #Emison be a thing even if they lose the baby? My guess is yes, Emily has always been their for Alison and whilst Ali tries to push her away I think she’s finally ready to be with Emily regardless of the situation.

Hanna, she’s got to be my favourite character of the 5 main girls. She’s so quick and witty but sensitive too. If it wasn’t for Caleb I’d love to see her with Lucas, but you know no one can beat Caleb (in my eyes). I wondered how they were going to find the receipt in 10 minutes and then saw that they didn’t and they went to ‘plan z’. Really Caleb? Could you make it any more suspicious. I found it interesting that Hanna was so quick to defend Lucas at every point, I almost feel like she thinks she owes him for messing with him (back when ‘A’ made her play the game). But I don’t know if Lucas is as innocent as he makes out, there’s a strong connection to Charles and then Charlotte while he may not have known about the change there was still communication between them. He claims it was just emails out of annoyance but maybe it was on purpose?

Spencer, using blackmail to get her out of sticky situations seems to be her new tactic. Taking that USB was actually quite smart for herself and the group. Again it created a red herring in Lucas who of course was not A.D. (or at least that’s what we’re led to believe for now). We’ll probably only find out 10mins from the last ever episode who A.D. really is. But also when Spencer and Aria turn up to Alison’s house after the ‘rampage’ Spencer finds Aria’s earring on the ground. She’s definitely suspicious now. And I think Spencer will either confront Aria on the next episode or Aria will go to Spencer to tell her and then eventually the other girls too.

Aria, I definitely think she will stop helping A.D. before the finale. That last scene of her crying on the couch is telling me she wants out, and it’ll be the next episode where it all comes out. The Aria and Ezra relationship is getting strange to me, maybe because I’ve been watching a few theory videos on YouTube that put Ezra as the author and Aria as the character of his book. They seem distant and unconnected and I don’t think it was just the Nicole story. Keeping my eye on this one. Also, why was Aria wearing a jacket that had her name on it? Anyone?

– ME

“Just remember when a dream appears you belong to me”
– Patsy Cline