Does Money Buy Happiness?

You ask this question to a group of people and I assure you the answer will be split 50/50. Some would not hesitate to say ‘yes’, others (myself included) would say ‘no’. Even though I’ve never been showered in money with the opportunity to buy anything or everything, I still don’t think money buys happiness. I think people and social interactions bring happiness.

Let’s look at it from the ‘I have all the money in the world perspective’. I’d say the average person would use that money to firstly buy the necessities in life, maybe buy a house or pay of the mortgage, buy a house for their parents, and a new car. Those would be top of the list for many. Then once you have the necessities you move to the ‘wants’. These would be things like; holidays, boats, TVs, and a lot of things that revolve around technology, hey maybe even an in-house chef or butler, maybe you even have a charity you’d love to support and make a generous donation. Once you have the needs and wants, what comes next? The unnecessary, “well I have the money so I might as well” purchases, that’s what. Another house in a different location that you might visit once a year, a display rocket?, a personal bowling alley in your garage?, there’s A LOT of crazy things that could fit under this list.
These things are all fine! Especially if you’ve worked hard for them, I’m not judging or saying if you have the money you shouldn’t buy outlandish or luxury items. It’s your money you do as you wish. What I’m saying is that once you hit the unnecessary items, the joy and happiness you felt of getting everything you wanted just hovers. Remember when you were a kid and you wanted a specific toy or gadget and you begged your parents for it, and on the off chance they bought it for you, you thanked them so much and promised to play or use it everyday, but then a week later you wanted another toy? That’s my rationale to why money can’t buy happiness, we are never fully satisfied. Soon we’ll start wanting things that aren’t even invented so where will money get you then? Will you pay someone to invent what it is you’ve imagined? But that will take time, and time is money.

Of course the other side to this (we’ll assume) is ‘I have the right amount of money to survive and get by with a little bit of money for luxuries on the odd occasion’. This to me is the ideal formula for happiness. You know what you have and how much you can spend, therefore you are never overly disappointed because you know your limits. In saying that I think the most important component of being happy isn’t associated with money, rather it’s human interaction. Having family and friends around you is what will bring you happiness in the end, okay it’ll also bring anger, annoyance, sadness but overall people are the main source of happiness. Loneliness  is the worst kind of unhappy. Not having someone to turn to for comfort, advice or just to laugh with is the biggest torture of life and I would not wish it on anyone.

So what’s the take away from this post? Don’t make money your focus. I know it’s hard in today’s society when prices are rising, the cost of living is insane here in Sydney, Australia but you need to surround yourself with people, and the right people. Having friends and family support will help you get through money woes. Don’t live to work, work to live.

– ME

“Money, money, money”









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