Birthday Present Reveal Idea!

So today is my friends birthday, some would say best friend but that feels so primary school, doesn’t it? Well regardless she’s hit a quarter of a century and I thought I’d make a post about what and how I gave her, her gift. So this is kind of like a birthday gift idea post.

Firstly I’ll tell you that I got her and myself tickets to a concert to see a young pop artist we had previously tried to win tickets for. I bought them in April and somehow was able to keep it secret until last week. Which was pretty hard to do for me because usually I get so excited about it that I tell her REALLY early. One time she even came with me to buy her own gift which I then took home and wrapped.
Last week I told her I had a gift for her but it wasn’t a physical item it was more an experience, she immediately thought concert or event with a YouTuber (because that’s what we’re into). She then kept asking me questions about what we’d be doing, to which I said “I’m not answering any more questions”, but still she persisted to ask. So I decided to turn it into a little game. One week out from her birthday I started sending her clues. These were the clues I sent her, see if you can figure out who we’ll be seeing.

Day 1: ANZ, Commonwealth, St. George, Westpac (For those non-Australians, these are all banks and might be a bit harder of a clue to get but I’ll explain it all at the end)

Day 2: A picture of different social media logos, including – YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Pintrest, Tumblr and a few others.

Day 3: A light-bulb emoji + a world emoji

Day 4: _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _

Day 5: Canadian

Day 6: The first letter of their name is ‘S’

Day 7: On the last day she asked me for her final clue, asking if it could be a good one. I replied with… “Well technically there’s nothing holding me back from skipping the clue and just telling you what it is”.
She then replied with a bunch of GIFs which I told her “LMAO I’m actually in stitches!” She then said “WAIT! before you tell me did I get any guesses right?”, to which I replied with, “you’re going to be begging me for mercy because I’m not actually going to tell you”. At this point she just wanted at least another clue so I finished it off by saying “maybe I should treat you better….or maybe I’ve already given you MASSIVE clues”.

Then it clicked! So did you work out who we’ll be seeing in December?



It’s Shawn Mendes!

I’ll give you a quick run down on the clues in case you’re playing along and want some explained.

  • The first clue was in reference to where the concert is being held – Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney, hence all the bank names.
  • Second, the social media logos, well Shawn started out on Vine and a bit of YouTube I believe.
  • The light-bulb + world emoji is supposed to visually interpret his tour name ‘Illuminate World Tour’.
  • Next the _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ are the number of letters in his name
  • He’s Canadian
  • His name starts with ‘S’
  • This was the most fun one and I’m so glad it worked out with everything she was saying. I started using his popular song titles in normal conversation, an easy give away from my end but I guess if you’re the person figuring out the clues you probably have a million ideas of who or what it could be so it isn’t as obvious as it seems.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, it’s a little different and shows you a little of my personality. I really love puzzles and games and birthday presents are an easy way to get away with it. If this has given you an idea for a gift, or if you want some other ideas let me know!

– ME

“I love it when you do what you want cause you just said so”
Shawn Mendes



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