Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

By now many of you will have seen the Beauty and the Beast remake, that is if you wanted to…and for some even if they didn’t. I too finally got around to watching it a few weeks ago and wasn’t going to do a review on it simply because I thought it had come and gone. Then I thought ‘no’ I will leave my opinion on the Internet for any person who comes across it may too think what I think and appreciate a like minded post.

Straight to the verdict? Good but it doesn’t beat the original animated film. This is probably because I grew up with this Disney classic, it is my favourite, Belle is my favourite Disney Princess (maybe because my favourite colour is yellow and her dress was yellow too) but as I got older I just loved her character more and more.

So into the reasons for and against. Really most things I have to say about the movie and actors are positive. I love Emma Watson as an actress and think she played the role beautifully and I didn’t mind her singing. The biggest thing was I didn’t feel like I was watching Hermione which was such a relief. When you have actors playing iconic roles that pane out over several years there’s a danger of becoming ‘that girl that played Hermione’. I loved the Beast, Gaston and especially Lefou. The special effects and details were amazing especially the foyer of the mansion,  wow! There’s no denying costumes, editing, production, casting and the effects were all done superbly but it just doesn’t have the same purity as the animated original. Because of that the musical nature of the movie felt overdone, particularly the scene of ‘Be Our Guest’, too many psychedelic colours made you want to go back to the original less ‘in your face’ rendition. My other little beef with it is that Cogsworth was just too strange, in fact all the inanimate objects that were suddenly personified were too weird. It didn’t work,  they looked shiny and well composed but it didn’t work for me. It was odd to see a face on a teacup that was animated but looked real. I just didn’t like it, again it felt overdone.

Lastly my biggest ‘against’ I had with this adaptation is something I have been feeling a lot lately. The 2010s seems to be the year of the remakes/reboots/reunions. It annoys me to see movies and TV shows especially remade just because it has already been successful. Or a sequel made 10 years after the original just because they know we’ll watch it. Stop touching classics and putting twists on them to freshen them up for new generations, there’s nothing wrong with the original (old) versions. We are a watch and throw away society where we constantly crave more and better but I think we should crave new and different.

The movie was fine it didn’t beat the original but if I was to sit on the couch on a Friday night and watch Beauty and the Beast it would definitely be the animated Disney classic. Which one would you choose?

– ME

“Be our guest, be our guest, be our guest”
– Beauty and the Beast

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