A Thousand Pieces of You: Book Review

I came across this book a few times when looking at the ‘popular’ section on my national booksellers website but never made the commitment to buy it, simply because I was reading other things, until I stumbled upon it when I wasn’t intending to buy a book and decided to buy it. It always caught my attention because of the cover, it was in essence two opposite worlds but connected at the base. This is the perfect way to describe the plot of the book; that we live in one world but their are multiple dimensions happening all at once.

Let me get my verdict across from the get go, I loved it! from start to finish. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun reading a book, possibly The Maze Runner, but it’s legitimately a journey through different worlds. I think I also enjoyed it because of the dimension part to it, in a way I felt like I was reading Back to the Future in book form with a more sinister undertone. I almost saw it as a textbook, I was learning what life is like in other dimensions and how sometimes one small thing can be what’s changed whilst in others it could be drastically different. It’s a concept I love thinking about and really believe in, almost like that movie Adjustment Bureau, if two people are meant to be in each others lives it will happen. Maybe they’ll be a glance on the street in this dimension, but in another they are your best friend. Have you ever had something happen in your life and the only way to accept it is to believe in something? I know that’s kind of cryptic, what I’m saying is something happened in my world where the only way I could accept it is if there was another dimension in which that ‘thing’ hadn’t happened. That in another dimension life proceeded differently and better, that’s why I have to believe in alternate dimensions – that’s probably why I loved this book.

When I was reading it and the first jump in universe happened I thought it would be the only jump. I was already thinking I would be disappointed by the book but then it became apparent that the jumping would continue. I loved the connection between Marguerite, Theo and Paul they’re all so close but they’re also one step away from love. The main question throughout the novel is who does Marguerite love, and honestly I think she loves both it’s just due to circumstance that she falls for Paul first. I loved their interaction in the Russian universe especially when Paul was without his firebird, the fact that the connection between them continued in each universe was so heart warming. In fact my favourite line in the whole book was on page 203 (in my version – International Edition) where Paul tells Marguerite “I would love you in any shape, in any world, with any past. Never doubt that”. It’s just perfectly said.

As the book progressed I quickly felt like something was going to shift and it eventually did, Theo was revealed as a traitor … or at least one dimensions Theo was a traitor. You would feel so betrayed, the same way Marguerite did but you can also understand her confusion of emotions. Technically her Theo didn’t do this, but I think she knows he is now capable of it so will remain standoff-ish in the next book.
I loved that she found her father and a low humming of a Beatles song is what told her she was in the right dimension. Because The Beatles didn’t exist in that universe and hence how could he be humming a song never made. Small clues like that are the things I will be paying close attention to in ‘A Thousand Skies Above You’. Even though the book made it quite clear that Marguerite and Paul and the whole family want revenge on Wyatt Conley, it almost felt like it could end in this book. I’m glad it continues though, and I know it’s a trilogy so I’m interested to see what happens next.

If you love time jumping and different universes with a side of a love story and fun pop references give this book a go and tell me what you thought when you’re done!
If you’ve already read it let me know if you loved it, and if you think the next book is just as good, better or (hopefully not) worse, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

– ME

“But watching you stand alone all of my doubt, suddenly goes away somehow”
– Christina Perri


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