Confederations Cup 2017

Some of you may know that I enjoy watching international football/soccer, and so this post is about that. These past two-three weeks there has been a tournament called Confederations Cup happening in Russia, it is a pre-World Cup competition with a handful of countries. These countries are the winners of their respective continental competitions, for example – Portugal won the Euro Cup so they were invited, Chile the Copa America, Australia the Asian Cup and so on. There are two special circumstances in which the host country for the next World Cup (Russia) is automatically qualified (also the reason why it is hosted in Russia) and the winner of the last World Cup Championship which in this case was Germany.

The tournament is a short one with only 8 countries participating. They are split into two groups of four versing each other once. The top two teams from each group qualify for the semi-final, yep that’s a really short tournament. From there the winners of the semi-finals make it to the final and the non-winners battle it out for 3rd and 4th place.

In this case Portugal and Mexico qualified from group A, and Germany and Chile qualified from group B. This saw semi-final 1 as Portugal vs Chile which went to extra time and penalties where Chile won 3-0, sending them to the final. On the other side of the board, semi-final 2 saw Germany vs Mexico, a clear result in Germany winning 4-1.

The final saw Germany and Chile in a group rematch where Germany won the game and tournament in a 1-0 tough game. Germany, a side that featured many new players compared to the team they carried in the World Cup in 2014, and in the Euro to an extent. They displayed unity and strength in this fresh side which I thought would not be the case with many new faces. Well done to Germany and all the participating teams though, it was a fun tournament to watch. I was excited at the chance of watching Portugal and Australia verse each other, unfortunately it was not to be but hey maybe next year in the World Cup?

You can definitely expect to see more posts about the World Cup in a years’ time, but for now a few countries to keep an eye out in my opinion. Chile, definitely expect to see them in the semi-final if not the final itself. I hope to see Portugal continue to make strides and reach at least the quarters. I hope Australia can get their best result out of this world cup. I also think Russia will have a good run, not only because it’s a home ground but because they’ve playing well. Expect to see Argentina, Brazil, France and Netherlands progressing easily.

If you have some early predictions for the World Cup leave them in the comments and we’ll see how well we guessed!

– ME

“There’s a playing field, it’s full of winners, we’re breaking new ground”
– David Guetta

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