Let’s Talk! Pretty Little Liars: Season 7 Episode 20 FINALE

Well, well, well we finally made it! After countless theory’s, text messages, deaths and non-deaths we have come full circle. There are so many areas to cover so I think I will structure this into two sections 1. Story line/plot and 2. The characters and I’ll finish off with my overall view on the series.

1. Story line

It was not what I wanted. Firstly I don’t even think this season was relevant to the previous. It really felt like ‘oh they renewed us for another season, let’s think up some extra stuff’ I think they should’ve finished with Charlotte being A and then have a finale episode that wrapped up each liars life like they did but maybe with a 5 years later for extra closure instead of adding a pointless season. Also on that point of the first seasons. We were thrown through so many holes (and I understand that’s the point of the show) but the story line they went with…Charlotte being A annoyed me. I dislike when shows like this make the ‘bad person’ someone who was in 5-10 episodes of an 100 episode show. It’s not enough to guess who it is. A show should be written in a way that if you’ve paid close enough attention in each episode you will figure it out. But if Charlotte or CeCe was only in a handful of episodes a season how are you supposed to work it out. As oppose to this last season where we slowly noticed Spencer seemed to be in two places at once and pretty much convinced ourselves with that run in with Ezra at the airport. I always thought the main A would be a prominent character, I would have preferred it to be Mona and been fewer seasons because she had motive that we saw in many episodes if not all and she was a main character.

I have read other people’s comments on the story and they aren’t happy either. I don’t think you can ever please everyone. Even though I wasn’t happy with the choice of A and A.D (to be honest I didn’t mind the A.D. part I just felt it unnecessary) I respect the writing and understand that there are so many routes to take and choosing the correct one is almost impossible.

2. The Characters

Ok so let me get a start on the character stories and how they ended.

Aria, this was the one I was most confused about. Yes, we all expected Aria and Ezra to have a happy ending, even though he used her in the beginning for his book BUT you know Aria forgave him and we did too, we could see some genuine feelings there. What I didn’t like was the initial wedding dress…oh and the whole ‘I can’t have babies’ situation. The wedding dress thing was just bizarre I don’t know why they didn’t get a nicer looking dress and then make reference to it being one of Hanna’s designs, even if she doesn’t do wedding dresses, she could do a one off for her best friend.
The not being able to have children bit of the story confused me. I don’t remember anywhere in all the seasons of PLL Aria and Ezra ever having a conversation about having kids and how important it was to them. The way Aria reacted, being scared to tell Ezra – thinking the wedding was over, that he wouldn’t want to marry her now. I would only understand that if it had been a constant in the series, that the one thing they always talked about was having kids, but I have no memory of it at all. The only nod to this that I can remember is when Ezra’s son with another woman comes to stay for a few episodes, but that was so early on and almost forgotten about. So I don’t understand why it was made such a big part of the final episode, but I liked how the series started with Ezra and Aria together and finished with them getting married, it was a nice full circle.

Next on my list, Emily and Alison, I can kind of combine these two seeing as the show finished with them getting engaged. Emily was always the one who was most affected by Alison’s death, then her disappearance then her life. Even through her fair share of girlfriends she could never let Ali go and even though Ali would play it up for Emily, when they were younger, I think deep down she always had that same feeling too. I think the biggest part of this Emily character in this last season was being torn between Paige and Alison, when Paige decided to leave Rosewood and visit Alison before she left that is what ignited Emily and Alison. So even though I didn’t really like the character of Paige – she was a bit wishy washy for me – that was a nice way to reconcile things between the three.
I have to give props to the writers for Alison’s character, there aren’t many shows or movies where you end up loving the bully. She was really bad in the first seasons, albeit in flashbacks, she was every schools worst enemy she bullied the different and even torment the 4 girls who loved her, yet we end up feeling sorry for her because of an even bigger bully? But then we find out the bigger bully is the one being bullied (Mona), but then someone even bigger takes over (CeCe/Charlotte/Charles) but we can’t be mad at them either because they were out casted and hidden from family, it’s a weird concept! Somehow in a show full of bullies you don’t end up hating any of them because either they turn a corner OR they have been deserted and you can kind of see why they would do it. You don’t think it’s right, but can you blame them? (I mean personally the whole killing, and death threats, blackmailing and kidnapping stuff is wrong and I don’t forgive those characters BUT because this is a TV show it’s easier to forget them).
I am glad that Alison’s character changed with maturity and near death experiences and that she now has a family with Emily. Of course twins had to feature in this show and just when you thought once was enough (Mary Drake and Jessica DiLaurentis) Alison gave birth to twins! And then the big reveal of Spencer’s twin – Alex. I wonder if having twins is really that common in families that have twins in their blood. It seems like PLL took it to another extreme.

Talking about Spencer, let’s cover her happily (n)ever after. This was the most open ending of all the characters in my eyes. We didn’t really get to see Spencer and Toby’s happy ending, I expected to see them driving off into the sunset in that old-ish car. What we got was nothing, there wasn’t any mention of Spencer’s feelings towards her twin sister or her birth mother. Especially after spending this whole season wanting to know Mary Drake, I thought she would definitely want to know more about them and their story. They were ‘taken away’ and Spencer never tried looking for them, apparently no one else did either because Mona was the one who ended up taking them? This was another confusing ending which I only understood after reading some recaps on the episode, because no I was not paying attention to the cop who came and captured Alex in the fake underground replica house, I was watching about 20 other things that were happening in that scene. However, if you were watching one cops face the whole time you would’ve noticed he was the same guy that Mona was with in Paris. So essentially you have to put the dots together yourself and discover that she used this guy’s help to capture Alex and Mary Drake and keep them in her basement in France?! Umm okay, did no one follow up the arrest of Alex and Mary with Rosewood Police? Did the police woman never realise that Mary Drake disappeared from the prison and was never found? Honestly, did I get amnesia and forget this, or did they tie this end up with a loose knot that could come undone with a gust of wind? And what about Melissa, and their parents? Did she just never tell them she had a twin sister, oh right must of just slipped her mind. Really easy to do.

Lastly for the main 5 girls, Hanna – she can’t give up on Mona even after the shoplifting, that time when Mona as ‘A’ nearly killed Hanna, all the ups and downs in their friendship she sticks by her. I think this is the friendship that should be highlighted the most. Yes all the liars stayed by each other’s side through thick and thin but Hanna’s friendship with Mona was never seen as ‘ethical’ (for lack of a better word). Mona was the nerdy character who didn’t have friends, whilst Hanna was part of the ‘cool’ group. Hanna had one foot on each side essentially, and even after all those years she still cares and has been able to break down those barriers at least a little. This was one of my favourite friendships throughout the entire show and would like to think their characters would still keep in touch. On the other side of this story you have Caleb, I am so glad this ended well for them. Their relationship was so fun to watch because of the on and off screen connection they have. I loved early on in the show when Hanna hid Caleb in her house and had to jump into the shower with him, I was upset when he left for Ravenswood and glad when he came back, thrilled when they got married and overjoyed when Hanna told the girls she was pregnant. Haleb has been my favourite ‘ship’ of this show.

A few quick things that I liked. The conversation about ‘basement’ incident in this final episode was a hilarious way to bring the fans into it but annoyingly still not tell us what happened! The use of the word limerence was appreciated by me. Alison asking Mrs. Fields for her mothers ring to propose to Emily. The reoccurrence of a new ‘it’ group with Addison, because it shows it’s a big problem in schools and no matter how many generations there are the same things happen. The replicated ending with this said group which made it feel more like a Goosebumps novel, almost like Rosewood is a haunted town where history repeats itself over and over….

My final thoughts, some say this was left open for a spin off but I really hope it is left where it is now, it didn’t have the best ending but it felt complete. Really it felt complete before this last season. I can’t help but wonder if Alex’s character had been the first A, and then Charlotte ended up being A.D if it would’ve worked out better. I know certain things would’ve had to be changed but it would have been more entertaining if Alex was taking Spencer’s place in more situations from the start. Then both Spencer and Alex learnt about Charlotte as she tried to get revenge on the both of them, or just on Spencer and her friends. I liked the characters and the mysteries, I disagree with people saying they made the detective look shady, they looked Mike (Aria’s brother) look guilty too and this person, and this… that’s the point of shows like this – to throw red herrings. They only look guilty if you’ve made them a suspect. To me I never thought the detective had a part in any A or A.D. drama so she never looked shady to me, she was simply doing her job. But I agree that there were not enough opportunities to figure out Charlotte being A, they did better with Alex and I was happy they finished with that positive.

Overall, I enjoyed the ride but wouldn’t line up in a 2 hour line to go on it again. I would definitely watch other series’ the PLL cast are a part of because they engaged me in their roles, I followed them on social media and loved finding out about their personal lives. So if there’s a winner in any of this, it’s the cast, I look forward to seeing them in more stuff over the years and thinking ‘remember when they were a liar’.

Let me know your final thoughts on this episode, or overall thoughts on the entire series! I’ll be interested to hear them.

– ME

“Stop shhh, listen cause the stars are trying to sing you home “
– Xenia


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