Let’s Talk! Pretty Little Liars: Season 7 Episode 19

Okay I’m so confused with who is going to end up being A.D. it’s not funny. This isn’t even going to be a long post because I’m done guessing. I have two more opinions and I’ll leave it there.

A.D. was driving into the sunset in the last scene, Spencer told Mona that they called Dr. Sullivan and that she’d be on her way. Please don’t tell me a professional adult has something to do with this. Truly that would be a new low.

Secondly, Mary Drake handing herself in for the girls. (In what world would ‘suspects’ be able to watch someone confess to murder. And don’t those mirror screens work the other way? The cops watch the suspects on the line? Or does it work both ways?) Anyway, Mary ‘confessed’ and when asked about an accomplice suggested that it was an unknowing Spencer. What if Spencer wasn’t unknowing and she’s in on it?

I really don’t know and am really looking forward to having this revealed. The best thing about this episode was “to whom?” Great line between Spencer and Caleb. But the episode was just what I expected … clear the girls’ names and they’re free. Or are they?, I guess we’ll find out.

Let me know any last theories you have before everything is revealed!

– ME

“I can’t live, I can’t breath anymore”
– Harry Nilsson

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