Supanova – Sydney

This weekend just passed there was an event called Supanova now branded as ‘Supanova comic con & gaming’ was held it Sydney, a kind of ‘comic-con’ style convention that brings fans of all types of popular culture material together once a year, so of course I went along. This was my second year attending and it’s always a fun experience even if you don’t dress up, which I didn’t.

Walking through crowds is almost like playing ‘Where’s Wally’ (I actually saw someone dressed as Wally), you turn to your friend and say “did you see that guy dressed as the Beast?”, or “did you see that girl dressed as the Log Lady?” (yes someone was dressed as the Log Lady from Twin Peaks). You’re in sensory overload trying to catch a glimpse of all the cosplay going on and it ranges from someone who put a few normal pieces of clothes together to create a character to someone who has spent weeks if not months making their outfits from materials. It’s a really great atmosphere where people are free to dress in whatever they want, and as whoever they want.

It’s also a chance to meet some old favourites and new faces – movie and tv stars fly in to hold Q&A’s, signings and photo opportunities. This years big names were; Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Dean Cain (Superman), Christopher Lloyd (‘Doc’ from Back to the Future) and Tom Wilson (‘Biff’ from BTTF). Unfortunately, Lloyd had to pull out at the last minute due to a death in the family, which I was quite sad about because he was probably the one person I wanted to see most, but life is life and I completely understand why he had to pull out. Nonetheless the event was well worth the time.

I didn’t go to any Q&As this year, the only one I was counting on going to was Christopher Lloyd’s, but I did attend one last year with (Tyler Hoechlin) from Teen Wolf. Whilst I don’t actually watch Teen Wolf or any other show he was in, it was such a great 30minutes of pure joy for the people who adored him. So in the end I ended up enjoying it even though I didn’t really know anything about the series or other roles he was in. That’s what makes this event so great, you can be a fan of one specific thing but enjoy everything. There is so much to see, to do, people are very friendly and engaging wanting to talk to you about your shared interests, and they’ve got something for all ages.


DeLorean featuring Flux Capacitor

There’s also many things to buy, a lot of merchandise stalls so if you want to take home some sort of memorabilia from your favourite show I can almost guarantee you’ll find it here. There were swords and weapons from anime, games and movies, an endless supply of those Pop Vinyl figures in what felt like every character possible, the classic stuffed plush toys, towels, banners, posters, clothes – a few stalls were even selling replica Marty McFly rainbow caps , boxes filled with a random assortment of gifts, lollies, pins, jewellery, figurines honestly everything! Then there were things that were on display but (obviously) not for sale like 4 or 5 DeLorean’s some of which were in their original state and one which had a flux capacitor installed, the Batmobile was there too, along with Bumble Bee from the Transformers movies, all open to taking photos of and with.


Pop Culture boxes filled with random gifts


Pac-Man Figurine

Basically, I’m trying to tell you it’s an amazing environment and get away from the real world especially if you’re into a mix of movies, TV, anime, and gaming. I feel like this set-up would be a standard in other countries’ respective alternative for a Supanova, like USA with Comic-Con. SO! If you hear about a convention like this happening near you and got excited about the things I’ve mentioned in this post definitely give it a go and if you’re feeling brave maybe try your hand at some cosplaying! I think that will be my goal for next year, getting together a cosplay outfit either in a group or solo.

– ME

“Don’t take money, don’t take fame, don’t need no credit card to ride this train”
– Huey Lewis and the News

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