Let’s Talk! Pretty Little Liars: Season 7 Episode 18

I keep forgetting to preface my posts with a little *spoiler* notification, I am discussing the episode so I’m sure most of you would assume I would have spoilers but this is just another prompt in case you haven’t seen the episode. Abort now!

This episode was mainly about truth and closing wounds. Each respective relationship was brought closer together and some were reconnected. So everything’s coming together. Or is it? There will definitely still be a few more twists so I’m not going to confirm A.D. is Mona yet BUT! There’s a very high chance. Let’s talk!

Let’s begin with Emily and Alison. They are very much a pair now and settling in for parenthood. I take back the possible miscarriage of the baby I thought would happen and return back to my earlier theory of them living together and raising a wonderful family. Who knows maybe they’ll do a spin off called ‘The Fosters’ (just joking, but the storyline feels like they could head in a similar way as that show does). Nothing too exciting happened for these two this episode except bracing for the worst, jail.

Next, Spencer she reconnected with Toby today, I think we all thought this would be the case, especially after Yvonne died. That other detective guy is out and the lady detective is back (I’m bad with their names). Honestly I think that lady has nothing to do with A.D. and she’s just back because she’s considered a good detective. Spencer looks like she’s on the brink of heading to jail, after evidence was found in her shower drain (more on that soon) along with Hanna for the most part of this episode but there’s still time for things to change.

Hanna and Caleb get married in this episode and I couldn’t be happier. The writers did a great job with these characters and Ashley and Tyler have such a strong and playful friendship that it’s so easy to believe. Hanna’s mum knows the truth now and she’ll help her out as much as possible, but will it be enough?
Now, here’s something interesting, in one of the scenes Hanna asks all the girls to promise no matter what happens they’ll understand the decisions made. Some cryptic statement like that, and at first I thought she was going to turn herself in so all the other girls could avoid jail, but she didn’t. So why did she say that in such a guilty-esq manner she whispered “i swear”. I think it’s because she’s part of A.D.s duo, and she wants to make sure that the girls will ‘understand’ why she’s done it. I’ll come back to this as well.

Aria finally got found out, and outed by Mona like I thought she would in my post last week (I say ‘like I thought’ but really I’ve had every thought under the sun so eventually one of them is going to be right, right?) So Aria is revealed as a traitor and found completely innocent of the crime, killing Rollins thanks to a little help from A.D. But then it seems she changes her mind at the last minute and races to be with the girls and we find out Rollins’ body is in the boot of her car and the cops are about to pull her over! Talk about plot twist. I’m sure the cops will pull her over and say something like, “oh your back lights are out, get them fixed quick smart” and that will be it. I don’t know if she’ll have enough time to get to the girls though.

Now, to the bits I was saving! Remember the first Let’s Talk! I did on a Pretty Little Liars episode, it was the first one back from the break, well I mentioned a theory I had, of who A.D. was or are! Seeing as we’re close to finishing the series I’m going to choose one theory and stick with it, that is Mona and Hanna are A.D. So my first clue was the tattoos the girls got outside of the show to commemorate their characters. These two were the only one’s whose letters were capitalised so that stuck out straight away. Then in this episode Hanna asked the girls to make a promise, like I mentioned above. Evidence was found in Spencer’s shower drain, and what evidence was that…glass from a windshield, a car windshield which Mona mentioned she was responsible for fixing and therefore had free access to broken fragments to plant later when needed. And the car in question was Lucas’s, but who was given the car to use…Hanna. Another thing, when Hanna showed Mona the board game she was full of praise and analysing it completely, she is the only one who could create something like that. She found out about the recording in Spencer’s house either because she was there too, or Hanna brought it up in conversation, so she could build up a case against Aria. Mona always happens to be in the right place at the right time – the school! At the end of the episode we see Mona looking at the board game again but this time she puts on her glasses, a nod to the old her, the geeky her which got teased and bullied. Something that Hanna also went through. I also notice that Alison and Hanna aren’t really that close I don’t feel their characters hang out that much, so maybe that’s a hint too. Two more quick things the final episode is called ‘Til DeAth Do Us PArt’ – a marriage link, who just got married, Hanna did. And in the previous episode Mona was focus of that whole dance/dream number. I’m excited to find more clues.

Tell me your theories and we can discuss them together! Only two more episodes to go.

– ME

“No, I won’t be afraid,  as long as you stand by me”
– Denmark + Winter


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