Vivid: Sydney

Vivid is a light, sound and ideas festival it has been a yearly occurrence for almost 10 years. It’s a night event which lasts for just under a month and brings amazing art to the Sydney foreshore right by the water and actually on the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. It brings crowds of large proportions and food trucks and stalls of all cuisines. It’s a free event for the most part, the paid events tend to be music based and inside an actual theater, but all the big pieces are easily accessible because they are smack bang in the middle of the city. As the festivals grows older the locations grow, so there are also places a little out of the city to enjoy, it really has become a ‘couple of days’ event if you want to get around to everything.

I attended at the end of last month and once again loved it, the crowds were large but well organised, security was heavily present because it was a day after the Manchester attacks. I spent the night walking the Harbour foreshore up the Botanical Gardens and back to the Harbour. There’s a lot of sites to see and fun light up novelties to look at. Two of my favourites this year included a swing like set-up called ‘Freedom of Movement’ and hanging light display called ‘Parallax’.


‘Freedom of Movement’

This set-up was fun to watch and well designed. It’s designed to be like a swing set, swaying back and forth gaining momentum until it circles around and around. It’s coordinated with lighting and music and whilst I had to take my eyes off it now and again because it was making me a little dizzy, it was an amazing piece.



This one seems simple and some may have walked passed it and not really cared for it. At a glance it’s a bunch of fluorescent lights that turn on and off. In hindsight it’s a wonderful transportation between worlds. The cylinders turn on and off at different times and if you stand in the middle and look up you feel like you’re about to enter a worm hole or something, it almost feels like it could fall around you and teleport you somewhere else. The different lights, different timelines, different possibilities, that’s me talking from my arty side I enjoy thinking about the story behind it. It may not be what was intended or different to what you see but that’s the whole point isn’t it. We each see what we want to see.

If you’re in or around Sydney I urge you to brave the cold and rain and venture out with a friend or with family it’s a fun night out in a wonderful city.
If you’ve already been let me know which pieces were your favourites and what they meant to you.

– ME

“Light’s will guide you home”
– Coldplay


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