Let’s Talk! Pretty Little Liars: Season 7 Episode 17

Did anyone else think this episode was an ad for boom boxes? I’ve never seen so much use of Bluetooth in such an abrupt way. Just me? Okay. And what about that little impromptu Jailhouse Rock dance sequence by Mona. Aria’s starting to have nightmares about what she’s doing. Well let’s get to the discussion.

Aria is getting really annoying now. She’s is so obviously acting different to every one around her yet they can’t tell? Surely Spencer would  have put two and two together to figure out Aria planted the phone. I thought it would be Spencer who picks up on Aria’s dodgy dealings but now I’m thinking it’ll be Mona – she did catch her in the brew with the letter in her hand. Well Ezra picked up on something but he was wrong. He thought it had something to do with their past, when he used her and the girls to write his book…. Um that was so long ago, she would not have gotten back together with you let alone agreed to marry you if she had the slightest question about that. I found it odd that it was brought up again after so many seasons.

Spencer seems to have resolved things with Mary Drake and that might be the end of that storyline. But her other family, well that will always go on. I think the Hastings are definitely the family most affected my drama. She continues to play with fire and semi-blackmailing the Detective I don’t think it’s going to end well for her. Just keep quite and carry on Spencer don’t bring any unnecessary attention to yourself.

Emily had a break from Alison this week, apparently she’s gone to visit Jason? Odd if you ask me. If we weren’t 4 episodes out from the series finale I’d say Sasha just needed the day off so they wrote her out of the script but visiting Jason, he has a lot to do with the story still I feel. So stay tuned for Jason in the last episodes…maybe.

Hanna oh how I wish to be Hanna, well not exactly be her just to have Caleb. Caleb proposed in the most no frills way possible and it was everything. I just love these two together on screen and their friendship off screen too. Thankfully the only drama for Hanna this episode was not knowing where the shovels went. But we the audience ended up finding out.

That end though. Is Mona A.D.? My gut says no. I think all that stuff in her apartment is her helping the girls. She created an area of investigation and is dotting all the ‘i’s’ and crossing all the ‘t’s’ because she’s a part of this too.
On the other hand I wouldn’t mind if she ended up being A.D. because I think it’ll be better than being a character that appeared in 3 or 4 episodes. Which is how I think this show will end. Another reason why she might be the real A.D. is the ‘PLL’ episodes always finish with something about A.D. and that was the last scene in this episode. So maybe she is.

We’ve only got 3 more episodes to go! Let me know your theories and ideas I’d really love to hear them.

– ME

“And you don’t look back, so I won’t look back”
– Ingrid Michaelson


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