Let’s Talk! Pretty Little Liars: Season 7 Episode 16

Interesting episode I actually thought we would make some big revelation but of course it wasn’t what it seemed. I tend to talk about the episode through the main 5 girls and their story line for the week, which I think works pretty well so here we go again!

Emily and Alison, will they lose the baby? That’s my big question at the end of the episode. Alison did fall in the school hallway so it’s possible. So will it impact on their newly recognised relationship will #Emison be a thing even if they lose the baby? My guess is yes, Emily has always been their for Alison and whilst Ali tries to push her away I think she’s finally ready to be with Emily regardless of the situation.

Hanna, she’s got to be my favourite character of the 5 main girls. She’s so quick and witty but sensitive too. If it wasn’t for Caleb I’d love to see her with Lucas, but you know no one can beat Caleb (in my eyes). I wondered how they were going to find the receipt in 10 minutes and then saw that they didn’t and they went to ‘plan z’. Really Caleb? Could you make it any more suspicious. I found it interesting that Hanna was so quick to defend Lucas at every point, I almost feel like she thinks she owes him for messing with him (back when ‘A’ made her play the game). But I don’t know if Lucas is as innocent as he makes out, there’s a strong connection to Charles and then Charlotte while he may not have known about the change there was still communication between them. He claims it was just emails out of annoyance but maybe it was on purpose?

Spencer, using blackmail to get her out of sticky situations seems to be her new tactic. Taking that USB was actually quite smart for herself and the group. Again it created a red herring in Lucas who of course was not A.D. (or at least that’s what we’re led to believe for now). We’ll probably only find out 10mins from the last ever episode who A.D. really is. But also when Spencer and Aria turn up to Alison’s house after the ‘rampage’ Spencer finds Aria’s earring on the ground. She’s definitely suspicious now. And I think Spencer will either confront Aria on the next episode or Aria will go to Spencer to tell her and then eventually the other girls too.

Aria, I definitely think she will stop helping A.D. before the finale. That last scene of her crying on the couch is telling me she wants out, and it’ll be the next episode where it all comes out. The Aria and Ezra relationship is getting strange to me, maybe because I’ve been watching a few theory videos on YouTube that put Ezra as the author and Aria as the character of his book. They seem distant and unconnected and I don’t think it was just the Nicole story. Keeping my eye on this one. Also, why was Aria wearing a jacket that had her name on it? Anyone?

– ME

“Just remember when a dream appears you belong to me”
– Patsy Cline

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