Let’s Talk! Pretty Little Liars: Season 7 Episode 15

After a two week break we are thrown right back into the deep end, especially with Aria’s situation. Yep she has decided to help A.D. Meanwhile Emily and Alison have a big decision on their hands. Hanna enlists the help of Mona, and Spencer has become prime suspect of the Detective. So let’s get talking about it all!

Aria ‘Facetiming’ with A.D. was strange. I was trying to figure out if the person we were watching was a mixture of Aria and A.D. or if it was just all Aria but in a distorted way. Either way something about the face on the phone and the tone of voice instantly reminded me of Paige. Also one if those phone scenes transitioned to a scene where the camera was focused on Paige so maybe that’s a clue? Oh then Aria delivered the comic book to a locker in the school – locker 214? Paige is a teacher at the school. I’m not even going to get to the Ezra situation but I hope that Nicole story is done.

Meanwhile, Emily and Alison confirm that the baby is Emily’s but not Dunhills. They eventually agree to keep the baby (knew they would, the series will probably end with a 5 years later and we’ll see Emily and Alison together with their child). But then I brought back the whole idea of Paige being A.D. Why would Paige try to bring Emily and Alison closer together with a baby! Then I thought maybe she did it to test them, she didn’t think Alison would keep the baby and it would end up tearing them apart. But that final scene when Paige enters Alison’s house was creppy as hell! Apparently Paige is leaving Rosewood but will it be forever?

Hanna asks Mona for help because she is desperate to get out of this whole situation. The way Mona reacts to the board makes me think she created it. Some of the things she said or phrased were saying she could have made it. In my opinion anyway.

Finally, Spencer has become awfully shady. After being questioned in an isolated house by the Detective guy (I’ve forgotten his name…). Mary Drake says she will stop contacting Spencer because she assumed she called the cops there. And then! Spencer is randomly in the airport with Wren? I don’t know if that’s in an effort to get rid of the paper trail so to speak. So unlike Spencer to leave a trail but I guess that’s what happens when you’re blinded by love and alcohol, mistakes are easy. OR! Did anyone else notice the different clothes she was wearing, no big coat and she had a bag? Was it actually Spencer or a twin!? There goes another twin theory.

Then there’s Lucas, is he a part of this whole A thing. I don’t know. I don’t want him to be but time will tell I guess.

Well that’s pretty much my take on this episode. I feel like we’re closing in on A.D., well obviously because the series is ending but there’s still enough mystery to be had. Like Aria’s file, will it be released?

– ME

“You still have every reason to hold, hold on”
– Butterfly Boucher

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