Vision Boards

These passed few weeks I’ve been thinking about vision boards or something along that line. It might be just written, just pictures or both. I don’t really know which route I’ll take.

I’ve started by writing down key words that I want to be or feel. So some of those are happy, drawing, family, healthy, creative. I want to use it as a daily motivation, and whilst I haven’t gotten any further than that list at the moment I definitely am working on it. So I thought I’d ask anyone that comes across this post if they have a vision board or something of that description, and if you have any tips for a newbie! Or if you want to list the key words you aim to be or have go ahead! I’d love to read what others’ goals are.

Keep an eye out for a future post/ update on my vision board and how it’s taking shape.


“One day I’ll know, how far I’ll go”
– Alessia Cara

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