Let’s Talk! Eurovision 2017

Another Eurovision post? Yes. I wasn’t planning on doing this but I feel like I want to talk a little more about certain issues after reading comments on social media. I’ll try to keep it short and simple.

The winning song for Eurovision 2017 was Amar Pelos Dois by Salvador Sobral from Portugal and a lot of people are divided on it, even though it received the highest votes from both jury and public. Mainly the comments I’ve read have revolved around the fact that (1) the song is boring and (2) the things Salvador says are arrogant. So let me put my 2 cents into the mix.

  1. The song is boring? No, the song is slow and melodic. If you think the song is boring it’s because you haven’t understood it. The song is about love, lost love trying to find it’s way back. Trying to help someone when all they want to do is give up, when they just can’t go on. If you got boring from all that then you need to feel more love from the people around you. It’s supposed to be moving and thought provoking, happy but sad, overall you’re meant to feel an emotion and have a reaction. The theme was ‘celebrating diversity’ if Bulgaria had won (I really liked their song too) it wouldn’t have been celebrating diversity because it has the same features of things you hear on the radio today, it’s not as different as Salvador’s song.
  2. Finally to the people who said Salvador was arrogant when he said “we live in a world of fast-food music…” that we need to go back to music and emotions and not fireworks. He is not some almighty person who rules the music world, he was giving his opinion, some said he was slamming all the Eurovision songs outright, I don’t see it that way. He was asked several times about which songs he liked in the competition and he said he liked Italy’s satirical song and Finland’s song ‘Blackbird’ so much so that he and his sister did a cover of that song online. What he said was directed at the world and not Eurovision. I agree with him on that point, we are forced to listen to the same  songs on the radio over and over again. I mean I post my favourite 10 songs each month and usually they’re different so you can see how that fast-food theme is present. I don’t know about other countries but in Australia we only hear English speaking songs on radio, this passed week I’ve heard that Spanish sung song Despacito once in Spanish and a handful of times in an English version which features Justin Bieber. Why? Why can’t we have foreign sung songs on our radio, slow songs, fast songs, jazz, opera, classical, pop. I want to hear them all!

Also on a side note, in a post competition interview Luisa Sobral (sister to Salvador and composer of the song) said that one of the girls who sang in the competition sang her song in English but when she went to have a conversation with her in English she didn’t understand it. So essentially she just learned the song and didn’t actually know English, is that not a sign of what music is now a days too. That countries are making their contestants sing in English in hopes of getting more votes even if the artist themselves don’t know the language.

I’ll leave it at that because I’ve said all I wanted to say on the topic and will leave Eurovision aside till next year which I am very excited for.

– ME

“O meu coração, pode amar pelos dois”
– Salvador Sobral

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