Eurovision 2017: Grand Final Prediction

So a month or so ago I made a post about Eurovision and said I would do an update of my thoughts and opinions on winners when it got closer to the final. Today is that day! I’ve taken a week off my usual Saturday posts of ‘Goal for the Week’ to bring you my Top 10 (in order) grand final result. Here they are;

  1. Italy; wasn’t in my top anything until a few weeks ago, but I kept listening to it and understood the message more and more. I think this will be the winner, especially in a year where the theme is ‘celebrate diversity’, it should definitely be a song sung in a native language
  2. Portugal; LOVE Salvador! I’ve been watching him in interviews and he’s so genuine and beautiful, I’ve seen a hashtag going around #Salvadorable makes me laugh. This song is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard so props to Luisa his sister too. I wouldn’t mind this one coming first either.
  3. Denmark; Anja – another Aussie in the mix, this was my number 1 two months ago, still really love it and think it’s a top 3.
  4. Hungary; another native sung song and another one which was in my top 3 two months ago. I love the gypsy-esq sound and the emotion. I’d like this to be in the top 5 so I’m giving it 4th place.
  5. France; I don’t remember ever being a fan of previous French entries but this one sounds very Parisian, if that’s even a thing. I feel like I’m walking the streets of Paris when I hear it.
  6. Bulgaria; I haven’t really heard it too much, but know it’s catchy and a favourite so I’m giving it a spot here at 6.
  7. Cyprus; Gravity is so good! If it was any other year I would say it would make the top 5 but I think the ‘celebrate diversity’ tagline will see someone else win it. It’s really catchy and great stage performance I think.
  8. Sweden; Catchy + Sweden always = top 10. I don’t like the use of the word ‘freaken’ in the song, I think it takes away from the song but it’s still a good song and will certainly be top 10.
  9. Azerbaijan; A little dark and quirky is always a good mix for Eurovision, they’ve won it before and will do well in the final but I don’t think they’ll win it.
  10. Belgium; Great song, but the girl is so nervous on stage so it detracts a little from the song.I think the points will come but in a vast range.

So there they are, if I could add an eleven and twelve they’d be 11. Belarus and 12. Australia. I think Australia will lose some points because of not reaching the notes on the first semi-final but we’ll see! Good luck to all the contestants.
Let me know who your favourites are and your top 10!

– ME

“Se um dia alguém, perguntar por mim, diz que vivi para te amar”
– Salvador Sobral


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