Let’s Talk! Pretty Little Liars: Season 7 Episode 14

So many open ends in this episode, I guess all episodes are like that but I really felt it in this one.

So let’s start small and work our way up the biggest story lines of the episode. I think Hanna and Spencer we’re probably the smaller parts of this week’s episode. Hanna’s almost step-father (Pastor Ted) is brought back into the picture randomly and eventually confesses that Mary Drake had been at his house. We then find out that he is the father to Charlotte – used to be Charles who Pastor Ted looked after at a camp of some sorts. Of course he happens to have one photo with this kid he didn’t know was his child and another kid (Charles’ main friend) who just so happens to be Lucas? Like Hanna’s Lucas. Ok I said we’d start off small but this is quite big. It got me thinking how on Earth did Lucas become such a rich guy all within 5 years? Did he help Charlotte get revenge on Alison and the girls because of the bullying? Is he A.D.? Because A.D. seems to be very powerful and have unlimited resources and to me that screams two names Lucas and/or Mona.

Spencer’s storyline this week was more about Mary Drake and the fact that she wanted revenge etc. etc. I didn’t find anything too exciting about her plot this week to be honest.

It was Alison’s turn to get a puzzle piece and let’s just say it was traumatic. After deciding to not have the baby A.D. makes it a whole lot harder for her to decide when she finds out that she is a surrogate for Emily’s eggs. Meanwhile Emily’s kissing Paige and Alison is way over her head in drama. I think this is leading towards Paige moving away and Emily and Alison being together and possibly bringing up the child.

Last but not least we have sneaky little Aria. How dare she isolate herself from A.D.s games. We’re all in this together is not just a great song from the High School Musical franchise it’s something all friendship groups should live by. I’m a little annoyed at her character after this episode. Also we think we find out who A.D is when Aria gets into a car and we see Sydney but we soon find out she’s just a pawn of A.D.s. It would be a little too convenient and early I mean we still have about 5 episodes left? Aria is quickly climbing my ladder of people I suspect to be A.D. and it’s primarily because of the points I listed in my post last week and this video I found on YouTube which has some great theories. One of which is Aria’s ankles in a promo poster are chained with handcuffs and another being a doctor recognising Aria at Radley when she really had no reason to be recognised. Definitely give it a watch, ¬†honestly I think all theories are possible until the last episode.

No episode next week, but I will be back with more in two weeks!

– ME

“I’m watching myself drifting away, a vision so darkened I cannot stay”
– Raign


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