Let’s Talk! Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 13

The main part of this episode was probably Hanna’s turn to roll the dice as she put it. Her task to get her piece was to wear a dress to a meeting with Japanese investors that they would most likely find offensive. It started out with a creepy doll and telling Caleb about the board game. Duh! Caleb is like the 6th liar, he is always aware of what’s going on so it was only a matter of time really. I’m glad he’s there to help the girls but he should really stop messing with the board because that toxic spray was not nice at all.

Spencer’s love life was the center of her story this episode. She’s getting closer with Detective Marco just as Toby gets married to Yvonne and then loses her. A plot I assumed would happen. I think eventually Toby will end up with Spencer, I don’t see the Detective and Spencer thing working out so there’s only Toby to fill that gap. And Spaleb will never happen again, it should have never happened in the first place (can you tell I’m a Haleb fan?)

Aria and Emily went on a little excursion this episode going after Sydney. A character I don’t even remember too much about. I know she was Jenna’s little side kick but how many episodes was she in, is she really that important to the story? There were two parts in this episode that made me a little suspect on Aria. The first was when Caleb asked Aria what Sydney’s surname was (is this really vital in any way) and Aria responded with “Driscoll…I think, something like that”. The next was how she so quickly adapted to learning how to hack a phone through WiFi. I started thinking that maybe Aria and Driscoll are working together and they are A.D. but then again maybe not.

That second last scene of Nicole inside Aria’s place was kind of creepy and i definitely think it’s Aria’s turn to roll the dice next week.

Also another theory that came to mind in this episode was Caleb and Mona being A.D. When Sydney is talking to Emily she mentions how she delivered a drink and note to the two whilst the girls were getting hunted down by Noel Khan at the mid season break. We all know they’re the most high tech of the characters so maybe they worked together to start the game.

One last theory. At the start of the episode when the phone is making crying noises and all the girls meet up at Spencer’s, they talk about Alison for a little and Hanna brings up the question of Alison changing her surname back. This would make her initials A.D. again.

So there’s a few things to think of, let me know if you picked up on anything else this episode!

– ME

“I lost everything I knew turned away from all my dreams”
– Daniel Ahearn

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