Songs of April 2017

  • Lord Huron – The Night We Met; I found this song in the ’13 Reasons Why’ soundtrack and loved it from the few chords played in the show. It’s hauntingly beautiful and the line “I had all, and then most of you, some and now none of you” is just so strong! It gets me every time. Also sounds a little bit like something ‘The Temper Trap’ would sing.
  • Dean Lewis – Waves; Heard this on the radio and immediately ‘shazamed’ it, then I forgot it for a little until I heard it again on the radio and then I had it on repeat ALL DAY! I also found out he’s Australian, and I love supporting us Aussies! For some reason it has a Eurovision feel to it, or it reminds me of a song called Wonderful by Gary Go that I heard during an ad of Eurovision a few years back, I can’t quite pick which one it is.
  • Clean Bandit Feat. Zara Larsson – Symphony; I love the simplicity of Clean Bandit, basically instrumental. Then they add texture with their lyrics and the artists they feature on their songs are always perfect fits. This is another example of that Zara is so faultless. The low and high notes and everything in between, she can hit them all.
  • Wham! – Freedom; Now don’t confuse this with Freedom! by George Michael.
    Another one that was in my head the whole first half of April. It’s great 80’s music. “But you know that I’ll forgive you just this once, twice, forever” what a line!
  • Lorde – Green Light; I love Lorde, and glad she’s back with new music. It’s a slow starter and then bam heartbeat tempo and her usual unique vocals. Looking forward to more.
  • Kygo Feat. Selena Gomez – It Ain’t Me; If I said I listened to this song on repeat everyday I would be telling the truth. I love the songs that Selena chooses/writes/collabs on. They’re always hits and this one is another one. I particularly like the staggered singing sections. I saw a video on Kygo’s Facebook page which showed how they did it – they gave each key a lyric and then continued playing the song and it creates that staggered sound – thought it was a cool inside into the music technicians world.
  • Charlie Puth – Attention; He can do no wrong with me. I love all the songs he releases and think he’s a genius. I’ve heard him in interviews and you can tell he understands music and how to create hits. Has so much potential hope to be hearing him for many years to come.
  • Sia – Move Your Body; I didn’t know this was Sia at first, I actually thought it was Florence and the Machines. This song reminds me of working at the Easter Show because it was one of the songs that went a long with the fireworks. It’s got a great beat, I find it hard to follow the words but once you read along in the lyric video it’s just amazing how all those words are sung.
  • Martin Garrix Feat. Dua Lipa – Scared To Be Lonely; I’ve heard this on and off during this month and really love it. I love Dua Lipa’s voice it’s sort of warm and husky. I lived her song ‘Be the One’ and glad that she’s still hanging around. Just a great beat.
  • Luis Fonsi Feat. Daddy Yankee – Despacito; Love some international music so here’s a Spanish sung song that is amazing. It’s slow then fast then slow it’s just a rollercoaster song. And who doesn’t love listening to Spanish. Justin Bieber has even taken this song on and put an English twist to it which isn’t too bad actually. So check that one out too.


“It comes and goes in waves, it always does”
– Dean Lewis


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