Let’s Talk! Pretty Little Liars: Season 7 Episode 12

So much annoyance in this episode, firstly this new character Addison. Really she just happens to have the initials A.D. (Emily says her full name in one of the locker room scenes it’s De-something a rather). Like no you can’t bring in a new character and make it seem like it’s her. I desperately hope she is just a red herring but I feel there’s going to be more back story for her. For example she’s going to be revealed as Dr. Elliott Rollins/Archer Dunhill daughter or maybe Mary Drakes daughter. I don’t like when story lines introduce too many characters and when strenuous links are created. All the characters that I just mentioned only became present in the last season, that’s not good enough for me. A.D. and anyone else involved in all of this has to be someone who has been their from the start, it has to be one of the primary characters.

The puzzle pieces from the ‘jumanji’ board game as Emily eloquently referred to it as was again featured in this episode. I also noticed when Emily put her piece in that there were possibly 8 pieces in total that could fit into the space? So Spencer and Emily have each gotten theirs. Aria, Hanna and Alison will undoubtedly get there’s in the next episodes, that takes it to 5 pieces, who are the final 3 pieces for? Maybe Mona, Caleb and Paige? So many assumptions here. Who do you think the other 3 pieces could be for?

Aria and Holden thing continues in this episode but I really don’t think anything of it. It’s just a side story to have Aria involved in the story which had to be created because Ezra is by Nicole’s bedside now.

Hanna’s dress drama was present in this episode, possibly setting her up to be the next person to get a puzzle piece. The biggest WTH was when Jenna comes in wearing a dress which was originally designed by Hanna, improved by her old boss and now available in different colours? This has A.D. written all over it. Expect Hanna’s roll of the dice next week to find out who gave Jenna the dress. Hey seeing as we’re bringing in old characters maybe they’ll bring back Hanna’s step-sister (whose name escapes me) and we find out this wasn’t an A.D. situation but an on-going family feud.

Jenna’s back with a story to cover herself in the whole Noel Khan death and Spencer shooting. She’s brought some new also visually impaired friends.I don’t quite understand Jenna’s story in all this, I don’t know whether she’s lying about her story that she had to go along with Noel and say things he wanted to hear or if she was with him. Somehow I don’t think Jenna is involved in the present situation.

– ME

“Every raindrop’s the same, you’re no snowflake”
– Carl Broemel

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