Let’s Talk! Pretty Little Liars: Season 7 Episode 11

So we’re finally going to find out what’s been happening in Rosewood. The last 10 episodes started yesterday and I’m going to discuss each one, each week. I’ll talk about everything from theories to clothes and conclusions to questions. So let’s start with this episode.

Ok let’s discuss the new Spencer twist, so she’s the daughter of Mary Drake and Mr. Hastings, just like CeCe? That’s the part I’m unsure about. Was CeCe’s father Mr. Hastings. And if so then that makes Spencer and CeCe siblings. It then also makes them half sisters to Jason and Alison’s cousin? Wow that’s a complicated family tree. I’m glad we found that out in the first episode back but now where is Mary Drake. And was she behind the second gun pointing at Spencer – the one that shot her?

The End Game board game weird contraption and super hi tech thing made me think Mona straight away. We know she and Caleb are the tech savvy characters of the show (I refuse to believe Caleb is evil because he’s my fav on the show so I’ll discount him here haha). There’s so much involved with the game – the use of the phone almost like an app connected to the board, didn’t Mona talk about making apps and code in previous seasons/episodes?

I’m not too fused about the Ezra and Aria storyline at the moment. I don’t think Ezra will cancel the wedding I think he just needs closure and to help Nicole in her recovery. And Holden coming back into the story I think he’s a red herring to throw us into thinking he’s involved with A.D. but he was such a minor character that I’d be annoyed if he was anything more than a familiar face.

To the ending of the episode and as usual they leave us with great questions for next week like where is Jenna? Who’s helping her (Mary Drake maybe?) Why did we turn a blind eye to Noel’s decapitation?  (they refereed to it in the episode as “Noel’s dead”) Will Yvonne wake up from her coma? (All you Spoby fans are probably hoping no).

Just a quick side note. I think Hanna and Mona might be A.D. Recently we saw pictures of the actresses getting matching tattoos on their ‘shushing’ finger and in the photo I saw I noticed something. Now it might just be personal preference BUT Ashley Benson and Janel Parrish (Hanna and Mona) got a ‘H’ and an ‘M’ respectively. Now all the other girls got their characters initial also except they were lowercase. Only the H of Hanna and M of Mona were capitalised (to be fair the ‘s’ for Spencer was a little difficult to distinguish between upper and lower case. But yeah that’s my small theory based on the tattoos they’ve got.

Let me know if you’re excited for the final season, if you agree with what I’ve said, or have any weird and wacky theories – I really live reading fan ideas and comparing them to what actually happens. Sometime the fans create better endings to be honest.

– ME

“Got a secret, can you keep it?”
– The Pierces 




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