A New Chapter

So today… well tonight marks a new chapter for me, I start my new job. I’m quite nervous kind of excited but mainly worried I’ll do something wrong, that statement describes me to a T. I’ve been like that since I was about 15, I became riddled with anxiety and whilst it slowly dissipated over the years it still lingers in large events. I want to change this. I want this new chapter to be different I want to embrace the nerves and turn them into excitement, I don’t want to worry about doing something wrong because 9/10 people I’ll be working with will be newbies at it too. I want to be brave, bold and confident. I want to make new friends, have fun, smile and enjoy an event which is by far one of the happiest events in Sydney. I want to walk away from my first shift feeling proud and accomplished.

Technically it’s all mental, right? Our mind tells us to freak out so we do but why can’t we tell our mind it’s fine. That’s how I’ll overcome this, by being mentally stronger.

To all those who can relate to what you just read, I dare you to be brave and go outside your comfort zone for a day. I think we both know how good it will feel when you succeed, because you will succeed.

– ME

” So I won’t give up, no I won’t break down”
– Hilary Duff

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