True Friendship

True friendship is difficult to describe, simply because it means something different to everyone. I think a lot of us though would agree with some key words, maybe trusting, caring, fun, loving and supportive. Whilst we’ve all had various friends through life from school friends, work friends, uni friends, family friends and even family, there are certain people that bring the best out of us; best-friends.

I’ve had my fair share of best friends in my 20 or so years and they’ve all brought something different to our friendship, some brought laughter, others kindness, others support and others courage. Some are but names on my Facebook page as I scroll through my timeline, others are people I still see, others I feel I am fading away from. That’s okay too. True friendships I believe are supposed to be for moments in your life, but the ones that stay from day one till the end, they’re soulmates.

One of my earliest memories of true friendship is when I was 10 or so. I won’t go into specifics but one day at school I stood up for myself and it showed me the extent someone will go to if they truly value your friendship.
I had been using my money everyday for a week or two at the canteen to buy snacks and treats for me and my one friend. It became so frequent that she kind of just took it for granted and expected it rather than appreciate it. It had been a while since it was her turn to buy the snacks and I was starting to feel uncomfortable with the situation. Soon after I told her that I wasn’t going to do it anymore and didn’t really want to talk to her. Our other friends tried to persuade me to talk to her but I just didn’t want to. The next day she came to me and said ‘I’m sorry’ and handed me a zip lock bag with a bunch of coins in it, she wanted to pay me back for all the food I had bought. I actually couldn’t believe it, because I didn’t see her as the type of person to take the blame and/or realise what she had done. She didn’t have to give me the money or even apologise we could’ve gone our separate ways that day but she showed me she valued our friendship and wanted to make amends.

For the record, I told her to keep the money and we’d buy snacks with it. We went to the same high school after that but drifted quite quickly, we became smiles in the hallway for the first few years and started talking a bit more nearer to the end of our schooling days. I haven’t seen her since then but still respect her a lot and think she’s an underrated person to many of our old friends. I write this today because it is her birthday and each year I remember this story and it makes me happy. One day I’ll tell her this story and will be interested to see if she remembers it like I do.

I’m really interested to know what true friendship means to you, so let me know!


“…and as our lives change, come whatever we will still be friends forever”
– Vitamin C



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