A Series of Unfortunate Events: Book Review 13 and overall

So we come to the end of the series and I wish I could tell you I loved it…but I’m sort of sitting on a fence about it. On one hand I really loved the writing style, allusions and character personalities but on the other hand I disliked the ending, I felt there was so much more to talk about and explain.

Let’s start with the negatives. I thought at the conclusion of book 13 – The End, I would close the book and exclaim “What an ending, I see how everything tied together” instead I closed the book and went straight to my computer to search for answers. I really didn’t look too hard because I then went on the read The Beatrice Letters, and would like to read Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography. But these are a few questions I was left with,

  • What was in the sugar bowl?
  • Why does Lemony Snicket care so much about detailing the Baudelaire story (ok he loved Beatrice but they’re not his kids surely there’s more to it)?
  • Why do the Baudelaire’s name Kit Snicket’s (a woman they barely know) baby after their mother?
  • What is this island everyone seems to end up on?
  • Why are so many people in the book named after famous people? – example, Isadora and Duncan are named after a ballerina named Isadora Duncan
  • Where are the Quagmires?
  • Why are there so many V.F.D. definitions and which one is the legitimate meaning?
  • Why did the Baudelaire parents kill Olaf’s parents?
  • Why are people named after previous people from V.F.D
  • Why do the series of unfortunate events that affected the Baudelaire’s seem to be very similar to events suffered by others?

I could go on, I just don’t think the book explained it well enough, maybe there’s enough information there to make our own deductions (I’ve been watching a lot of Sherlock so I’ve come up with my own theories) but is that really good enough for a THIRTEEN PART SERIES! I’m disappointed in the ending and don’t want to be. We don’t even know if the Baudelaire’s are alive! We can guess that they are simply because Lemony Snicket refers to them in a future context in some of the books but there’s nothing concrete. That’s the overall key here. No concrete evidence, and seeing as Snicket was investigating the Baudelaire lives it’s a bit fishy.
A quick note on The Beatrice Letters, they show an interaction between Snicket and Beatrice and after reading a few letters you realise that they are letters from Beatrice Baudelaire AND Beatrice Snicket – Lemony’s niece. It’s a bit confusing and you get muddled in some letters but then there’s a few that are clearly identifiable.

Now for the good stuff. Like I said the writing style was by far my favourite thing about this series, it’s fun and quirky. I haven’t read many books in my time but these stood out immediately because they were so different. The allusions to popular culture were obviously up my alley (I mean I don’t run a blog called poppieparadise for no reason). If you have read this series and didn’t know that every book and almost every character comes with a bit of trivia I would recommend looking up the Wiki and having a read through, it’s a little history lesson in itself. On another point the fun, horrible and idiosyncrasies of most of the characters were a lot of fun too. I quite like that even secondary characters were given some great lines.

Well that’s my take on the series, like I said I do plan on reading Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography, so if that changes anything here I might do another post or just add it from this point on. Nonetheless, let me know what you’re opinions were on the series, if you can answer any of the questions I stated above PLEASE do. And if you have any other books you think I should read let me know!

– ME

“So much for my happy ending”
– Avril Lavigne













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