Bratayley Reach 4 Million Subscribers!

Congratulations to Bratayley – the LeBlanc family for achieving this enormous goal!

I love YouTube, I think it’s the best thing since slice bread and as some of you may know from previous posts I love family vlogging channels. My main channel of choice was the Shaytards. However, I did know about Bratayley simply from comments on videos or even the mention of their name in vlogs. I had been meaning to check out their channel for a while but hadn’t gotten around to it. That was until early October of 2015. I was reading endless comments about Bratayley, “did you hear what happened to Bratayley?”, “is it true what happened to Caleb”. I was confused and so I went directly to the Bratayley channel and was so saddened by the news of the loss of a son, brother, friend, and someone who seemed, to me in the first few minutes of seeing the beautiful tribute video the family made for him, an entertainer. From that day forward I watched every vlog and continue to end my day watching the Bratayley’s daily vlog.

I cannot put into words how brave this family is. They continued to vlog their lives after one of the most heartbreaking situations, all to show that you can still celebrate life. It was really eye opening to me and has made me personally want to live a more positive life. It is without a doubt that Caleb’s death brought more attention to the channel BUT it is good quality family viewing, entertainment and hopefullness that got people to subscribe. Reaching 4 million subscribers just a few days ago is no easy feet, that’s nearly the entire New Zealand population watching their videos. This has brought about so many wonderful opportunities, new friends, challenges and ‘deals’ for them, and it’s all so well deserved. When I say ‘deals’ I mean that Annie has a horse and Hayley is getting a bunny.
On a side note to this topic, it makes me sad to read comments saying they shouldn’t get this or that, or that Annie gets more time on camera than Hayley. That is not the point here people! The LeBlanc’s have let us into their lives to share stories, what they choose to give to themselves and/or others is up to them. We should be encouraging and happy for this family who is brightening other people’s days even when they are hurting.

To the LeBlanc’s,

Thank you for your happiness and joy in a world that is so easy to be down, thank you Billy and Katie for raising children who are strong and wise. Thank you for allowing us into your lives and continuing to be strong. You are great examples to all ages.

– ME

“I am a baked potato”
– Bratayley





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