Eurovision 2017

In a previous post Things to Come! I mentioned that I would be posting about Eurovision in May, because that’s when it is on BUT! the majority of the songs have been released and I have been listening to them on and off so I thought it would be fun to see what my thoughts are now compared to two months time.

My honourable mentions go to Romania for their ‘yodeling’ song, something different, even though I thought yodeling came from Switzerland. Speaking of Switzerland they are quickly becoming a favourite of mine with Apollo. Cyprus has a very fun song this year which at this point in time have only heard once. I think that’s a good sign that I am already loving it. Australia, yes we got invited again, for those who don’t know Australian’s love Eurovision because we have such a big group of European migrants. Back to my critique on Australia, not as strong as the last two years, still a good song though, I’m feeling it coming in number 17 (yes very specific I know). And finally let me talk about Portugal, now I previously mentioned in this post Songs of February 2017  that Portugal’s only hope in winning was a song called ‘Don’t Walk Away’. Unfortunately it didn’t win and I was a bit upset about it because Portugal has never had an outstanding song and very rarely make it to the finals. After listening to the song that did make it through, like really listening to the lyrics, I cannot care less if they make it to the final or not (well I do care but) this song is more than just Eurovision, it is such a beautiful song and Salvador Sobral who sings it is a quirky character who is so visibly moved by music, it’s lovely to see.

Now to my Top 3, right now I definitely think Denmark has this won. The girl singing – Anja Nissen – was actually a winner on The Voice Australia so there’s a little Australian link there. The chorus is what wins it for me, reminds me of late 90’s – early 00’s music really memorable. I LOVE Belarus, I quite like the folk sound to the song and find it genuinely nice when countries sing in their native tongue, so that would be my second pick and third is still a little up in the air but right now I’ll say it’s Hungary, it has quite a middle eastern, gypsy sound which is really interesting and I don’t remember hearing anything similar in past years.

So that’s my take on Eurovision 2017 right now, come back in May to see how it differs!

– ME

“Tonight I’m gonna show you, show you what you’ve done, I’m laying down my armour, laying down my guard”
– Anja Nissen



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