Adele Concert


On Friday night I was one of 95,000 people to make their way to Adele’s first Sydney concert, and she did not disappoint!


Firstly, let me describe to you the chaos of the travel. Now this concert was held in a suburb named Olympic Park, it was the large area where the majority of the Sydney Olympics took place in 2000. Perfect to accommodate 95,000 people right? Well it really only has two entry points (1) via the city and (2) via another suburb. This meant queues longer than I’ve ever seen before, people everywhere! and trains packed so full that they wouldn’t take any more passengers. It was this last reason that Adele’s show started about 40 minutes late, a thoughtful gesture on her part and appreciated by many.

To the show! From the first note to the last, it was amazing, she sounded EXACTLY as if you were listening to her on radio or on CD. That it is one of the first people that I’ve seen live that I can say that about. I had to resist the urge to record every song because it was just iconic song after iconic song and I wanted a little memento of each. So I settled with the first verse and first chorus of about 5 songs. I am one of those people who don’t like it when people record every single second of the show, so I think I found a good compromise.

Side note: the in-between parts where Adele would take a moment to tell a story or simply tell us that she had lost the words in one of the verses and saw a girl in the crowd mouthing the words and she was able to find her spot again are almost surreal. She is so sincere and down to earth and you feel like your her best friend by the end of it. Honestly if she ever wanted to dive into stand up comedy she would ace that too. Another side note is something I discovered after the concert. That the confetti that filled the air (it was quiet far from where I was seated) had hand written lyrics from her songs, some were even signed by Adele. Just like a note and photograph that was left under the seat of a fan at the very back of the stadium. Such lovely small touches that make the show so memorable and one of the best I’ve been too.

Here’s a picture of before the show, during the show, immediately after ending and when the majority of people had left the stadium.


Going to bring in my Marketing studies here for a second because my friends and I couldn’t help but comment on the diverse crowd. As my friend put it “it’s so weird there’s all ages, genders, races and heights” not too sure why height was a demographic category in her observation but nonetheless it was true. We all commented on it, she has such a broad reach which is one reason why she is so successful. Her words transcend and connect with all kinds of people.

My only downside was that she didn’t sing ‘All I Ask’ BUT I shall forgive her, maybe next time she’ll add it to the set list.

If you ever get the chance to see Adele live DO IT! I bought the cheapest ticket available ($103.95) for her stadium tour and it was well worth it! Even if it took us 2 hours to get home, I’d do it all again.

– ME

“You left with no goodbye, not a single word was said”
– Adele

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