Songs of February 2017

I’ve been loving these songs during February!

  • Lukas Graham – You’re Not There; still really loving this song so I had to put it here again this month.
  • Jon Bellion – All Time Low; At first I wasn’t sold on the repetitiveness of the chorus, now I’m okay with it but the verses are what are I love and his voice is just soooo easy to listen to.
  • Julia Michaels – Issues; I love a simply phrased and worded song with a good beat and this is that. The rhymes aren’t complex but they paint a picture of what everyone goes through.
  • David Carreira – Domino; this is a song in French, I do not know much French (really I only know the words that have become part of English like croissant, baguette, beret). I have mentioned David in a previous song of the month, early on I believe. I think he’s such a talent, he sings in Portuguese, French and English and somehow they all sound good. Triple threat? Anyway this song is the perfect example of why I love listening to international music, you don’t have to understand the words to enjoy a beat.
  • George Michael – Amazing; my brother has been playing this song A LOT the past month it has been stuck in my head. I do quite like it and I think it’s one of the more forgotten George Michael songs, much of the newer stuff is forgotten because what he did in WHAM and in the 80’s are just absolute classics. The world lost a good one with this guy.
  • Phil Collins – Sussudio; I love me some Phil Collins songs and this one has been my go to this month. When you make up a word and you use it so often in day to day life that you forget it’s not an actual word, that’s ‘sussudio’.
  • Simply Red – Stars; Again I must thank my brother for this one because he has been singing it for the past few weeks. It’s one of those songs you recognise but don’t know who’s singing, at least for me.
  • Richie Campbell – Do You Wrong; This song is up there with the Drake’s of the music world, it’s so good! Again he is an international singer (Portuguese) but he sings in English and if you like Drake mixed with a sort of reggae sound, definitely check this out.
  • Adele – All I Ask; WOW WOW WOW I just found this song this month and I am obsessed with it. It doesn’t help that I will be going to see Adele in concert in just over a week and I have been looking at her set lists and she might not perform it, which makes me sad but hey there’s so many other good songs that I can’t complain really.
  • Pedro Goncalves – Don’t Walk Away; okay I think I may be revealing something else about myself here, I have a Portuguese background hence, the Portuguese music in this post (I’m sure it’ll only become more obvious over time so I’ll put it out there now). This is one of Portugal’s possible Eurovision entries and in my opinion is the only song in a LONG time that comes close to being in a final top 10 or higher. It has everything – a theatrical performance, young talent, fashionable, UP BEAT! (that’s the most important one) and unfortunately an increasing trend of songs in English. It ticks all the boxes I hope it’s the one that gets sent to represent Portugal! And yes I am a massive Eurovision lover so expect a post about that in May.

– ME

“I’m jealous, I’m overzealous”
Julia Michaels

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