The 89th Academy Awards: The Oscars Review

Another year, another Oscars, this year we had Jimmy Kimmel as host and I’d say he did a ‘meh’ job. Nothing too special, trotted on a few toes (mainly Trump) but didn’t really steal the show. Which is a good thing because the Academy Awards are supposed to focus on the achievements of actors, actresses, directors, editors, composers, all the behind the scenes people, movies! and not be about how one lone person put together a few jokes to make the night segway easily.

Whilst last years Oscars were criticised for not being inclusive, this years event, I would say, could be appropriately defined by diversity. Which was SO necessary, in a world where we need to showcase diversity and unity more than ever, this was the best global stage to do it on. We had immigrants, an African-American woman, a Muslim man, the youngest director… we had ordinary people win. That’s what the legacy of the 89th Oscars should be, that we should no longer have to worry that the awards will not have a diverse range of nominees, we should no longer be shocked that anyone with any belief, of any background, of any age can win these awards! At least that’s what I will take away from the event.

Let’s talk about the last award of the night…’Best Picture’. I feel so bad for Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, they were put in an impossible position with what was obviously the wrong envelope. What do you do in front of millions of people I think Warren was trying to find a way out of it and Faye wasn’t realising what was going on and read out the first thing she saw. It really isn’t there fault, just human error on the producers part. The crew of La La Land were very selfless and amicable in handing over the award to actual winners Moonlight. What a heart wrenching moment to think you have won and then you haven’t.

On a lighter note here are my best and worst dressed celebrities of the night. Let me preface this by saying I have very little knowledge of what is fashionable, this is purely based on my personal taste.

Best Dress;

  • Kirsten Dunst – any dress that has pockets is a winner for me.
  • Taraji P. Henson – perfect amount of everything, not too showy not too conservative. Loved it!
  • Viola Davis – I don’t usually like seeing red on the red carpet but this shade worked really well and the style of dress, almost shawl like was quite delicate.

Worst Dress;

  • Emma Stone – not my style of dress, too Gatsby for me.
  • Nicole Kidman – same thing not my style, kind of reminded me of a table runner, the pattern was a bit too symmetrical I’d say.
  • Hailee Steinfeld – I hate to say it because I love her, but this dress was just overpowering, too much material.

So did you enjoy the Oscars? Were you hoping for Dev Patel to win best supporting actor like I was? Or was there someone you were hoping to see win but didn’t? Leave a comment and let me know!

“City of stars are you shining just for me?”
– La La Land

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