Grammy Awards 2017

I’ve made it no secret, my love for music, in my posts and so the Grammy Awards are like the piece de resistance for me. Now unfortunately I didn’t get to watch it completely but I saw a majority of it. So here are some things I loved;

  • James Corden hosting: What a great guy with such an infectious personality and very talented. I loved hearing his opening speech a kind of spoken word introduction that included everyone involved on the night
  • Adele restarting her tribute: She is such a perfectionist! I loved that she stopped the whole number because it wasn’t doing George Michael justice, she wanted to pay tribute to him as perfectly as she could and to do that she had to restart. Absolutely nothing wrong with that!
  • Carpool Karaoke: The little yet star filled karaoke was such a great idea, is the any better place to find a bunch of musicians? And little Blue Ivy pretty much stole the moment when she ran in, very cute!
  • Adele winning best song + best album: LOVE LOVE LOVE her! She totally deserved best song and album she creates hit after hit, even when she’s gone for a while she comes back with vengeance. Also really liked how she wanted to share the award with Beyonce, I can’t say I’m the biggest Beyonce fan BUT she is 100% an artist in all sense of the word, her video clips are more like short movies and you can tell she puts everything into her art. Definitely both worthy winners and a noble gesture by Adele.

So that’s my Grammy’s take away moments, what were yours?

– ME

“Hello from the other side, I must have called a thousand times”
– Adele

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