Australia Day!

G’day mate, happy Australia Day to you. Hope you had your Vegemite on toast for breakfast, looking forward to your sausage sizzle in the afternoon and a relaxing day on the beach playing a bit of cricket!

That’s the most Australian paragraph I’ve ever written, and let me start by saying whilst they all are Australian jargon or icons, they’re stereotypes. Australia is much more than a packet of Tim Tams that are so finger licking good, or an incredibly salty spread which divides opinions. I’d like to think we are a resilient bunch, welcoming, including and we always band together in times of need. I love that I get to call Australia home, I love that I get to live in Sydney, that I can catch a train and be in front of, arguably, the most iconic bridge and opera house in the world.

I wouldn’t get to love all these things if my parents hadn’t decided to live down here. That’s the same for so many Australians, especially around my age, that’s what makes Australia so great, we’re diverse. We get the best of everything and everyone, we build cultures and beliefs and get to live in this amazing country together.

Happy Birthday Australia, you’re not too shabby!

– ME

“This is Australia”
– Gang Gajang

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