Goal for the Week #15

Update: I did not even attempt a backflip because not even an hour into our jumping session I somehow managed to twist mid-air whilst jumping into an air filled bag and hurt my back a little. It’s better now but at the time I didn’t want to risk it so I left early to lay down at home :/

This Week: It’s my birthday! Yep appropriately this goal for the week is number 15, and the 15th is my birthday. It’s the first time in a while I haven’t spent it with friends or planned anything for it. I’m going to see where the day takes me and probably hang out with my family maybe do some bowling maybe have a lunch out but nothing set in stone, but I will have fun. Fun is my goal for my birthday and then throughout the week I hope to get back into a schedule.

My birthday being 3 weeks after Christmas and 2 weeks after New Years I sort of feel like I get a 2-3 week holiday. I quite like my birthday being so early on in the year because then I don’t have to think about it or worry about it. I know most people like their birthday and I do, I really do but I get so annoyed the older I get when people ask my age and I tell them I’m twenty …. and then they look at me and say “OH I thought you were 15” -_- I get it ALL the time which is usually followed by “oh sorry, oh don’t worry you’ll appreciate that in a few years”. Maybe I will but right now it’s more annoying than anything else

– ME

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