Goal for the New Year 2017

New Years resolutions are always hit or miss in my eyes. The past 2 or 3 years I’ve made the same three resolutions and never really accomplished any of them. This year I will simplify the goals. 

I was watching some tennis last night (in the lead up to the Australian Open) and a commentator said something along the lines of “Small goals make short term achievements”. Which explains perfectly what I want to aim for this year. Things I can work towards each day and by the end of 2017 know I will have conquered them.

My new years resolutions:

1. Be happy. I want to wake up happy everyday of 2017. And if something goes wrong, if I’m upset over something or just grumpy for no reason, I want to choose happiness!

2. Take risks. I want to push myself and do things I’m afraid to do. I don’t mean jump of cliffs or anything like that. I mean things that you probably think are normal everyday tasks that I may or may not find difficult to complete. I want to do the things I know I should’ve done ages ago but didn’t out of fear. I will start out small and work my way up.

3. Care about myself. I want to take care of myself more and others less. This may sound strange, let me explain. I think I worry too much about others, sometimes more than myself. So I want to put myself first this year. Of course I will still help friends and family but I’m going to be a bit selfish in 2017 and put my needs before others because I deserve to look after myself.

Welcome to 2017! Let me know if you think new years resolutions are worth it, and if you have any.

– ME

“You can see the change you want to, be what you want to be”
– Coldplay

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