Do you ever feel like you’re running out of time? The days go by so fast which quickly turns into weeks and before you know it it’s 2017.

I’ve always been really good with time management even from primary and high school days, all throughout uni and in work aspects. I very much dislike being late and usually have two contingency plans in place (if I’m traveling somewhere) so that I can get there in time. Even if I’m 5 minutes late it annoys me, that’s social or professionally, so don’t get me started on when other people are late. Although I feel I’m on top of my tasks and always manage to get them done when I say I will, I still feel as though time is running away. I think many people feel this way and it’s because of our constant rush to do things, especially those associated with materialism.

For example, every time a new technological gadget comes out let’s say an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, people think the most important thing is to start lining up days before its release (maybe even a week before) just so they can be first? I never understood why people would essentially waste SO much time sitting in a line for a block of metal and glass. The result is the same whether you get it on the first minute of release or 2 days later or 2 weeks later. Is it really worth sitting in line just so you can say ‘I was first’.

Trying to beat everyone to a common goal is so tiring, maybe we shouldn’t be so concerned about everyone else and just live in our own time.

Do you find time slipping away? Have you ever sat in line for a release, what was it? And do you think it was worth your time?

– ME

“Ready, set, go it’s time to run”
– Tokio Hotel

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