ARIA Awards

The Aria Awards are music awards dedicated to the Australian industry, and you should all know by now how much I love music and therefore music award shows.

I must admit I didn’t always LOVE the Aria’s, when I was younger the Australian music scene seemed a lot more ‘indie’ and that wasn’t really my style, I would just tune in for the more ‘poppie’ performances but now I’m a lot more into it. There are still very much underground type artists but I can respect their craft and enjoy the music.

Last night I watched the awards and realised it’s no longer just about music, it’s a platform for social, political, world topics. Some presenters and winners used their limited speech time to talk about LGBT, others the number and type of female artists nominated, marriage equality and causes that helped kids with cancer come out to see their favourite bands. I think this was also reflected in the AMA’s the other day when Selena Gomez took to the stage and talked about being ‘broken’. Music awards are no longer just about who’s wearing what and who’s winning but about promoting self-awareness and love to the world.

Do you watch music awards or TV and movie awards shows? Have you noticed this change too?

– ME

“My youth, my youth is yours”
– Troye Sivan


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