Book Review: Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why written by Jay Asher is a story that follows Hannah Baker and the revealing tapes she left in circulation after taking her own life. The mystery is set through Clay Jensen who has just received the tapes and discovers that the content and the people who receive these tapes amounted to Hannah taking her life. He appears to be confused as to why he makes an appearance claiming he only every tried to help Hannah.

I don’t remember how I came across this book which kind of annoys me actually because I like remembering things and tying them together. Nevertheless, I found it, read it and enjoyed it.

Without going into too much depth of details and who did what because you know, spoilers (speaking of, there’s a hint to a spoiler in the last paragraph of this post so maybe don’t read that last bit).

I do think this book focused on an important issue. That is, we don’t know what somebody else is dealing with in their mind, even if they tell you, they may be holding back so the best policy is to be kind. It’s that simple, be kind to everyone.

I found the text interesting, constant transitions from Hannah on the tapes to the internal thoughts of Clay. You were getting the emotions of two key characters at the same time but at different times essentially, one from the past and one from the present. I found it easy to read in terms of not too many exaggerated vocab that distracted from a black and white story. Towards the middle of the book I found it took a slightly darker turn, which was probably a firmer trigger for Hannah taking her life. Although, a little confronting to read that certain section it’s a reflection of the society we live in where people are abused without a second thought.


The 5th tape which reveals Clay’s part in the 13 reasons was definitely something I enjoyed reading. The truth was he didn’t have a bad impact on her, but had to appear in the tapes to allow the story to flow. Hearing Hannah and Clay interrupt each other, so to speak, with their versions of events was truly a beautiful disaster. It’s so clear they had love for each other, so much, but fear got in the way. Fear of the other person finding out about their sadness, their struggles, fear of being happy. Makes you want to go back in time and get one last chance. A subtle love with no true ending.



The book concludes leaving you with a message of ‘it’s never too late’ so go lend an ear or hand to someone who could need one.

Side note: I found out this book was supposed to be turned into a Netflix series starring Selena Gomez, but now Gomez is going to co-produce it and somebody else star in it and thus has been pushed to a later date. Something along those lines, which should be interesting so keep an eye out for that.

– ME

“Just so you know, your love is engraved on my heart, it’s set in stone”
– Guy Sebastian


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