America Decides: Election Results 2016

Wow! Not only did America elect Trump as President of their country, they effectively elected him the most powerful person in the world. That’s scary, and that’s exactly why I think they did it – out of fear. Fear works, people are scared of what’s happening in this world, in their country and the most drastic answer seemed to be the best to them. I REALLY don’t think Trump is going to better that.

My whole take on this situation may be naïve or ignorant but this is the way I see it. Trump is an ‘I’ person and Hilary was an ‘us’ person. Trump is a supposed billionaire businessman – which all power to him, he didn’t become rich out of luck he has made great business choices. Now he has to be President of USA and essentially a key figure in the world, the latter is where it gets shaky. Trump is so focused on making America great again, I feel it’s going to isolate the US from the rest of the world. I saw Hilary as the opposite she had tonnes of political experience, she was even the first lady! She knew the territory that came with the job and just because scary things are happening in this world does not mean you hide inside of your own borders. Opening doors and healing is what the WORLD needs.

Essentially what I’m trying to get at is that this decision will affect the world not just the US. I sincerely hope the promises Trump made about segregation are not executed. I sincerely hope we can all swallow our words and say we were wrong, I’d love to be proven wrong. Also I hope the media realizes how much influence they really have, possibly the reason why Trump got so many votes.

Nonetheless, the decision has been made and from the people, friends, celebrities, YouTuber’s I follow on social media I think people are starting to turn from sheer shock to “we have to spread love” which is definitely the place to start.

– ME

“One nation controlled by the media”
– Green Day

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