Sculpture by the Sea 2016

Sculpture by the Sea is an outdoor art exhibition, held every year, that stretches along the Bondi and Tamarama beach front. This is the second year I attended and again I was amazed by some of the pieces on display.

Unfortunately this year some pieces were washed away or ruined from the sea coming further in than normal. It’s such a shame when someone goes to so much effort to create a piece that evokes meaning, sparks thoughts or simply draws the eye, I really do feel for those artists. However, the pieces that remained were all wonderful and unique, some were interactive, some I didn’t get at all and others I adored!

Here are three that I enjoyed;

  1. The Tractor

This was one of the first I saw and it was so fun. I didn’t really look at it and bend my mind to think of the story behind it, I just liked it visually. The yellow of the tractor and the hot pink grabbed my attention straightaway and loved the formation of Australia on the floor. Really cool!


  1. The Golden Hour

This was a fun interactive ‘nest’ which you could actually climb up into. Made of many pieces of bamboo. This picture shows what it’s like looking from inside the bamboo to the outside landscape. My thought on the piece’s meaning was that it represents a mindset someone has. Sometimes our thoughts (the inside of the piece) can cloud our view of what’s happening around us (the outside landscape). Eventually we overthink things so much that they pile up and cross over into other thoughts and what we can see are small windows of our surroundings. Whether that is the true meaning I don’t know, but it’s my interpretation.


  1. Untitled Coral

This was by far my favourite, my photo doesn’t do it enough justice. In person this child figure is almost haunting and from this angle you only get part of the picture but you get the whole effect. I actually thought this piece was made from resin but overheard someone say it was made with a 3D printer, which had me saying Ooo! At this angle you can see how you can line up the lines on the piece with the sea and sky. I thought it was really well executed and a piece that maybe required more time accessing locations and measurements for accuracy, than anything else. When you continue around the piece you realise it in fact is a 3D solid form, not what I expected – I was thinking it was more of a thin 2D sheet of resin. Really tripped me out this one.


– ME

“Art is a lie that tells the truth”
– Pablo Picasso

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