Melbourne Cup

Horse racing is a topic that people claim to care about once every year, they decide on the first Tuesday of November every year to put out their distaste on horse training and racing. They should really be congratulated on caring about the treatment of horses *sarcasm*.

These opinions really annoy me, and it isn’t just for horses, it’s for any topic which has a key focus maybe once or twice a year triggering so many people to give their opinion and then wait another year to do it again. If you really cared you’d be petitioning and speaking out all year round.

The Melbourne Cup is Australia’s largest horse race of the year and like I said before it occurs on the first Tuesday of November every year. However, it is not the ONLY day horse racing occurs, almost every day there is a race, in fact I once heard a commentator say there are only two days off on a calendar year – Good Friday and Christmas Day. That’s a whole 363 other days!

I’m sure you can sense that I am passionate about this topic through my text and it’s because I am pro-horse racing. And the only day I ever feel I have to defend myself is on Melbourne Cup day because of these ‘uninformed’ (mostly) statements. I think people forget the connection trainers/owners/jockeys have with their horses they become much like family. Plus, horses are made for travel, they are bred to race and only chosen if they meet certain qualities. Unfortunately not all races end well for horse and/or jockey and that is the sad part to the industry. But I think there are a lot more positives to it.


“We’ll be riding on the horses”
– Daryl Braithwaite

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