Halloween has turned into a trivial holiday in my eyes, I mean we celebrate it now in Australia? Maybe not full-fledged celebrate but I feel within 5 or so years we could be seeing Trick-or-Treating in our streets as a norm. But even as I’m writing this now I’m thinking what is Halloween? What exactly are we celebrating? I actually don’t know so I might stop typing and go do a little research.



So from the quick facts I’ve read, I gather that Halloween was the Celtic tradition of New Year’s Eve essentially. Their new year began November 1 and so the day before was considered the day where ghosts returned to Earth and caused trouble. They would commemorate this with bonfires and costumes thus evolving into Halloween. At least that’s a quick summary of the information I found*.

So should we all be celebrating this Celtic tradition? I don’t see the harm in it, it’s a bit of fun to get dressed up and eat chocolates and lollies. I actually look forward to the day that it becomes more widespread in Australia.

– ME

“Let’s do the Time Warp again”
– Rocky Horror Picture Show



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