Apple vs Samsung

Let’s start off with what phone I have, which will probably tell you a little about which side I’m on, I have a Samsung Galaxy Alpha. My previous phones have been; HTC Desire 310, HTC Aria, LG Web Slider and my very first mobile phone was a LG Chocolate.

What Apple products do I own? Well I have the very first iPod shuffle with only 512MB which cost AUD $100 (completely bought into the hype), I have inherited an iPod touch from my brother and I have just gotten rid of a pair of Apple earphones because I had them for a good 5 – 7 years and they were definitely over their use by date.

The side you take between Apple and Samsung is all relative to the hype you enjoy most, for me when it all started out I wanted everything Apple. It reminded me of primary school computer lessons on the old, large, blue Apple Macintosh computers, that quickly died down as time went on because everyone had an iPod and eventually an iPhone. I enjoy being different, especially when it comes to technology so I scraped the Apple enthusiast in me and moved on. My iPod shuffle started playing up so I bought an MP4 player by Creative (around the time when HSC was starting for me which probably wasn’t the best choice but hey, work/play balance right?). Ever since then I haven’t bought anything Apple, I’m not against the brand, I think they’ve done amazingly and will continue too, they just convey mainstream for me.

I know what you’re all saying -Samsung does as well – and so I probably should rephrase my title of this post to; iOS v Android because I am 100% Android and not really sure if I’m a Samsung enthusiast as such but definitely more comfortable with Android brands like Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG and Motorola.

– ME

“You used to call me on my cell phone”
– Drake

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