Have you ever entered a radio, tv, online competition? You know those 25 words or less ones or late night game show where you need to call up and give a correct answer to win some $$$.

I’m no stranger to these and I have actually won before on a late night game show but it was pure luck that I got through. I definitely wouldn’t do it again and actually highly recommend not doing it because you will lose money on all those calls and very likely won’t get through.

The 25 words or less competitions – which I have currently submitted some entries too – are quite fun and get you thinking creatively. They can range from holidays to free goods or like the one I’m trying to win…. A concert! I think these are harmless and a fun way to try win some tickets to a sold out show or for better tickets.

Let me know if you’ve entered any competitions lately and what you’re favourite kind is!

– ME

“We’re up all night to get lucky”
– Daft Punk

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