Clinton v Trump: An Australian View

This is going to be a very short post because the truth is I’m an Australian and I really don’t think I’m across everything on their campaigns. However, I have watched the past two debates and read a few things online, and watched a few news stories and that has told me we do not need Trump! This decision is not just for the USA, this decision will affect the whole world, so whilst some may not agree with Clinton’s promises we definitely cannot agree to Trumps’. I mean the other day on the debate he said “nobody has more respect for women than I do”, we all know that’s not true.
It’s hard for me to understand that voting is not compulsory in the US, because in Australia it is and although we might get annoyed on election day that we have to factor in 15mins for voting into our day it is important because we determine who will win. I hope to hear the stats after the US election and hear that it was the highest number of votes in history, it’s an important trend to change.


“Outside a new day is dawning”
– Kim Wilde

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