Pokemon Art

Yes I am one of those people who downloaded the Pokemon Go app and spent more time outside in the fresh air than ever. And I still am playing the game, I mean the tagline isn’t “Gotta catch ‘em all” for nothing. Well my renewed love for Pokemon leant itself to my next art piece.


This first picture shows my initial free-handed drawing based off pictures found online. I like to do these in my art book (which by the way is the leftover pages of my Year 8 art book) and then trace them onto a separate paper. The paper I use is from a Manga Drawing Pad as can be used for watercolour, pencil, textas and Copic Ciao markers which was my choice of medium.



You can see here I’ve outlined my traced pieces, I’ve used a 0.5mm Pilot Frixion Ball Pen. This pen works really well, it doesn’t bleed into the paper, and doesn’t mix with the ink from the markers, it’s also erasable which kind of helps when you draw a dodgy line. I’ve then added colour with my markers and tried to match them up best I could with the 30 colours I own.



The final piece!

For some reason the markers seemed to come out differently when I did this drawing, I don’t know if it shows up too much on the pictures but they almost looked grainy and crayon like, and layering the colours made them bleed a little and leave an outline on the section. My only thought is maybe they are running out of ink but I really haven’t used them too much, and I have used them on this paper before and it has been completely fine.
Besides that I’m pretty happy with the finished piece, I think I worked well with the limited colour choices I had and had some fun doing it.

Hope you enjoy seeing my progression from sketch to finish, do you have a different method to drawing? Let me know.

– ME

“You teach me and I’ll teach you”
– Pokemon

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