Shaytards Channel Ending.

I recently posted about YouTube, the reasons I love it, the ‘responsibilities’ and who I love to watch one of those being the Shaytards. Now after about 8 years they have decided to take a year off (starting March 2017) good on them!

I’ve been following the Shaytards since Daxton was born (coming up on 3 years), and have seen the occasional older vlog because I find their whole story inspiring, their attitude beautiful and their energy a little over the top which combined create great viewing. Shay has always been open about their struggles – he has filmed it all and given the world access to it, there is not much more open than that in my opinion. It is definitely visible from the earlier vlogs to the most recent and it is only a determined and proactive couple that could evolve that much.

Shay to me is a very self-help, business mindset kind of a person so I have no doubt he’ll have 100s of ideas of things to do in the year they take off. It’ll be good for Colette and the kids, they’ll have their family back without a worldwide audience commenting on everything they do. They completely deserve it, they, as a family have turned their lives around and are now at a point where they want to take time to themselves. Whether it’s a year, or it continues on and off for the rest of their lives they’ve closed a chapter and are looking for the next.

The latest videos on the Shaytards channel have talked about why they are leaving and if you’re interested you should definitely check them out:


– ME

“I don’t need the courage to work I want the strength to quit”
  – Watsky

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