Isn’t it a wonderful thing? Yes, yes it is I can hear you nodding. It truly is a reflection of where our world is, the works of a new generation, a tech savvy generation at that. It is amazing how one social platform has created lives for so many, what started out as a fun expressive medium for most has turned into a career with LITERALLY so many amazing and sometimes unbelievable experiences. I personally find it so interesting that a couple years back I made a presentation about YouTube for a university computer course (I may post more about this at a later date so stay tuned!)

I personally am subscribed to 186 channels on YouTube and whilst I don’t watch all of them every day I do like to have them there as an option. I feel really connected to my favourite channels and in a sense believe that I am helping pay their rent, the new clothes they bought, and the holiday they’re taking which I LOVE! It is surely the most enviable job in today’s day and age.

However, I know with great power comes great responsibility and over enthusiastic fans. People have a tendency to throw all normal, ethical, socially acceptable rules out the window when they see their favourite ‘You-Tuber’ which really annoys me. I put myself in the shoes of the ‘You-Tuber’ and think I would be scared to leave my house and go out into public, with sudden shrieking coming up from behind and frantic, breathless swinging of cameras in my face?! Not to mention if they know where you live. But like everything that’s a small minority, right? Well I truly hope it is.

Let’s end off on a happier note, these are some of the channels I’m subscribed to. Let me know yours.

  • Bratayley
  • Shaytards
  • Zoella
  • Samika Vlogs
  • Flippin Katie
  • Danisnotonfire
  • AmazingPhil
  • Community Channel



“Video killed the radio star”
– The Buggles


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