Hi Everybody!

Welcome to Poppie Paradise, your one stop shop for all things POP!

What does that mean? Well it means I get easily caught up in anything popular culture from your traditional mediums -TV shows, to the more 21st century online substitute – YouTube, with a couple side dishes of art, cooking, music, books and movies.

This is the place I will discuss thoughts on episodes of my favourite shows – which would otherwise only be heard by the four walls – my top songs of the month, current art projects, old recipes, and anything else I can squeeze in and disguise as being a part of pop culture. I will warn you well ahead of time that posts could range from a good 5-10 minute read to a short paragraph or statement, it all depends on the topic.

I hope to cover a range of ideas and give detailed discussions and opinions on all things big and small, and hope you’ll read along.


“If you want to view paradise simply look around and view it”
– Willy Wonka


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